Get the noose off

I had to chuckle when reading Michael Martin’s letter to the editor on Sunday, Oct. 20. He was complaining about the Democrats using deceitful, political double-talk in creating Proposition CC.

When Douglas Bruce created the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (known as TABOR) back in the late 1980s, he used a lot of deception and trickery to finally convince the voters of Colorado to pass his TABOR bill. It took several tries before it was finally passed in 1992. There were several components to his TABOR bill. One component was to allow the voters of Colorado to have the right to vote on any increase in taxes created by any governmental entity. Another component was to put a spending limit on the amount of money that any governmental entity could utilize from the monies it received.

In Mr. Bruce’s attempt to get this bill passed, he stressed only the part about voting on any increase in taxes. He let the stronger more powerful part of his bill, which was restricting the use of monies received, to “hide in the shadows.” This part of the bill put a “noose” on every governmental entity in the state of Colorado, including the State of Colorado government. That is why in the past 27 years, we have had numerous ballot issues to allow governmental entities to “de-Bruce” so that each entity could actually utilize the monies that were rightly due to it. Locally we have “de-Bruced” several entities.

The State of Colorado has struggled over the past 27 years because of the economic “noose” around its neck. We still have the right to vote for any proposed tax increase but it is time to get the “noose” off of the State of Colorado. We need to vote “yes” for Proposition CC.

Connie Pittenger


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