Regarding Mr. Coram’s letter of October 9th to the Daily Press, yes I was mistaken about his vote on Senate Bill 18-051 which would have resulted in a vote on banning bump stocks. The bill died in the Senate Affairs Committee by a 2-3 vote with 2 democrats in favor of bringing the bill to vote and 3 republicans voting no.

In the fall of 2018 at a Montrose candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters a question was asked of the candidates as to whether they would support a ban on bump stocks. Mr. Coram clearly stated that he did not support a ban on bump stocks.

David Ryan


Not acceptable

To establish my position I must first state that I enlisted in the Air Force and was in service from 1958 to 1962. I obtained the rank of E4 and my ID was Af12571845. I must also state that I feel all men owe military service to their country.

I believe that it is very important to our country that we prevent major wars through our military strength. But the continual involvement of our military forces throughout the world to control dissension and anarchy I question.

1. The Korean war resulted in 33,741 American deaths and cost $30 billion. It ended as a stalemate.

2. The Vietnam war resulted in 47,424 American deaths and cost $111 billion. It was lost to North Vietnam.

3. The Afghanistan war resulted in 3,249 American deaths and cost $171 billion. We won the war but the instability of the government questions the future direction of the country. The people associated with this war were responsible for the attack on our country in New York CIty and Washington.

4 The Iraq war resulted in 4,804 American deaths and cost $159 billion. We won the war but the government is still far away from peace, stability, democracy, prosperity and sectarian divisions undermine the multi-party political system.

In summary we lost 89,375 American soldiers and $471 billion and we did not have clear victories.

Again I state maintaining our military strength is very important to worldly peace but our continual involvements as a result of the disharmony throughout the world is questionable but the loss of 89,375 American soldiers is not acceptable.

Ted Kissam


I am appalled

As a tax paying citizen of Montrose, I am appalled at the ads being run by One Community Safer Together regarding the 2A vote. These ads seem to be blackmailing us to vote for 2A by implying we’ll have no protection from things such as drug houses, sex assaults, drug trafficking, pedophilia, shootouts, etc. if we do not vote Yes on 2A. I believe if the Montrose city government had been in the past and would be now fiscally responsible in their spending there would be the funding for the additional needs of the police department without putting it on the backs of the taxpayers. Instead they have chosen to financially support river trails and enhancements, parks, a recreation center, etc. to satisfy a small portion of the community population and the tourists who choose to come here and stay. And, how can it possibly be fair to expect the county residents who aren’t even allowed to vote but who shop here and the people from Colona, Ridgway, Ouray, Norwood and Telluride who shop here to pay for a police department that doesn’t service them?

Linda A. Siedschlag


Don’t abandon the Kurds

The President has opened the way for the Turks to attack the Kurds. One hundred years ago the Turks killed about one million Armenians. I don’t believe that the Turks ever admitted the genocide. We should not let the same thing happen to the Kurds. Don’t abandon the Kurds!

Gene Ulrich


Don’t be fooled by misdirection

I’m all for challenging our elected and appointed officials. I’ve done so here and at a previous location. My challenges were successful because I did it out of respect for the individual and the office.

There have been accusations made against the Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee suggesting they were handpicked to do the city council’s bidding. That is absurd. The committee was comprised of city residents with a wide range of backgrounds. After nearly six months of work, the committee gave its report to city council at an open session. Read it yourself,

Recent statements regarding the budget are incomplete. There is no mention of cost saving efforts. There is no mention of money being put aside for emergency reserves. The budgeting process has always been open to the public. The city even reached out to the community to serve on a budget Advisory Committee. There were no takers. Take a look at the budget yourself at the city website: under the finance section. Or, contact the director of finance, Shani Wittenberg, at

I applaud those that speak out. But, if you are going to speak to an issue, make sure you have the facts, that your arguments are sound and they are not emotionally driven. Keep personal dislike of an individual out of your quest for change.

Fellow Montrosians, if you’re still on the bubble regarding the November ballot, please do a little research. If not for the immediate issues facing us but for the challenges we will certainly face in the future. There are some folks with loud voices out there that are trying to pull a slight of hand magician’s trick on you. Don’t be fooled by their misdirection.

Dave Stockton

Montrose, CO

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