Impeachment Investigation: Did truth win?

Yes! Truth always wins when spoken by people who have far, far more to lose by lying. Its value to our democracy is incalculable.

Competing values, such as fame, money and power do their best to devalue it. But, they lose standing when obscure people of modest means and humble origins speak truth to power.

All but one witness showed they value truth higher than self-interest. The only one who prevaricated to shield himself was Sondland, the wealthy ambassador who bought his position. His smugness in the face of his and his boss's own corruptness disguised me.

The president of the United States, a man of wealth, fame and holder of the greatest power on Earth, heard truth speak this week. Neither he nor the nation like it. Truth has a way of putting us mere mortals in our place.

"Truth's bright light always reveals deeds done in darkness." Thanks, courageous fact-witnesses.

Larry Heath


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