Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress

I am writing this letter as an endorsement for Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress. We are facing some of the darkest times in modern history. As a nation, we are deeply divided, not only on the issues, but on the very humanity of marginalized groups of people. We need to begin to shift our understanding and fill congress with someone strong who can begin to fight for issues that can bring us together as humans. I believe Diane’s commitment to safeguarding our environment for our children and grandchildren, along with her promise to extend basic civil and human rights for all, is exactly the kind of leadership we need. Diane has promised to reach out to the vast majority of middle and low-income America by helping to lower health care costs, expanding the opportunity for higher education, and job training. We need to build up, not only health care and employment but also the basic right for marginalized groups to live. Diane has been working as a state representative for three terms, where she has made strides for the front range on renewable energy, women's rights, and public health. With her leadership, my hope is to see us come together as one people, with love and understanding for all. I firmly believe that Diane Mitsch Bush is the woman who can lead us to a more unified state, and country. Until we are unified we will never be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. Diane is exactly the kind of strong, dedicated and down to earth leadership we need desperately in congress. I am looking forward to being able to mark my ballot for Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress!

Deanna Waldhart


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