Fall of the American empire

There are basically two groups of people today: Those who realize that Donald Trump is the worst thing that has happened to the U.S. since the Civil War, and those who haven’t yet realized this fact. The rest of the world sees it; former allies lament that the once greatest country on Earth has fallen prey to a con man. Trump, who played a tough, rich man on TV, overplayed his hand disastrously when he left his grifter’s life to hoodwink millions of Americans into voting for him. The man who once claimed “I alone can fix it” has broken most of the systems of balance that have kept our government and society, imperfect as they are, on an even keel for over 150 years. He has intentionally turned Americans against one another to serve his own personal and financial interests. How did we end up in this sad state? Among the reasons: too many Americans have been watching the entertainment network that morphed into a partisan disinformation network, i.e., Fox News. Before the Fairness Doctrine was killed during the Reagan Administration, news networks were obligated to present “fair and balanced” views from both sides of the political spectrum. In an outrageous show of chutzpah, Fox made that their motto. Fox News, started by foreigner Rupert Murdoch, helped by Nixon operative Roger Ailes, took advantage of this change, creating a network that was revenue first, facts last. Murdoch had already found the formula for financial success long before he founded Fox. Sex, outrageous tabloid news, and beautiful young women as broadcasters are the bait, and the ignorant are the catch of the day. As they did for Rome and Britain, someday, historians will write about the fall of the American empire; and, though Trump wasn’t the only reason, he was the flagship.

David Congour


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