Investing long-term in Colorado’s waterways is essential

A recent study completed by economists Southwick Associates shows nearly $19 billion in annual economic impact from people recreating on or near Colorado’s rivers. In the Gunnison River Basin alone, nearly $880 million was funneled into the economy last year from river-related recreation by nearly one million people.

These figures are staggering.

At Mayfly Outdoors, we see the impact that recreation and engagement has on our communities on the Western Slope and across the state. We think it's part of our job to help ensure our communities can access and enjoy our rivers and waterways. Outdoor recreation is a cornerstone of Colorado’s economy and way of life.

Investing in clean and plentiful waterways isn’t just good for the environment, it's good for business. Continued stewardship of Colorado’s waterways is essential to the long-term health of Colorado’s economy, ecosystems, and communities.

David Dragoo


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