Vote for experience

Does experience matter in being an effective congress person? Diane Mitsch Bush, a Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, has a wealth of experience in government: two terms as Routt county commissioner, two terms as state representative. As county commissioner, she worked with ranchers and farmers on issues including water. In the Colorado House, she chaired the Transportation Committee and was vice-chair of the Agriculture Committee.

She knows how to gain cooperation from across the aisle to make legislation acceptable to both parties and become law. She was named legislator of the year by both the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and the Colorado Livestock Association. Mitsch Bush has lived on the Western Slope for 43 years, contributing her time and talent for the public good. She has detailed understanding of complex Western Slope issues as well as federal policies. She is the most qualified candidate to represent us in Washington.

Please join me in supporting Diane Mitsch Bush in the primary election. Diane does not take money from corporations. We need her in Congress because she knows our issues and will work for affordable health care, quality jobs, education, and environment. She will help bring our country together in equality and fairness.

I heard her say, "Talk is cheap. Check my record". See her website for more information and endorsements: Even if you are registered as unaffiliated, you can vote for her by choosing a Democratic ballot.

Marv Ballantyne


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