Troubled Times

In these troubled and partisan times it seems no matter what the issue there are two opposing sides that refuse to even try to understand each other. This has moved me to explain why I am a Democrat. I’m sure it won’t change anyone’s opinion or outlook, but here goes:

I believe in:

Freedom of the press, truth in science, strength in diversity, renewable and clean energy, marriage equality, helping make Montrose’s economy thrive, keeping the environment clean and safe for my kids and grandkids, a woman’s right to choose, regardless of the circumstances, keeping public lands public and available to all citizens, affordable, universal health care for every citizen, reasonable gun controls, keeping ourselves and our kids safe everywhere and at all times, excellent public education available for all school children, repealing Citizens United, getting money out of politics and politicians back in the people’s corner, the value of every vote and making sure each vote counts, building bridges instead of walls, and, finally, seeing the value of every human being.

Who can argue with these beliefs? If memory serves me correctly God charged us with taking care of this earth, and Jesus said, “If you do it unto the least of these you do it unto me.” He also said, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” He had no contingencies or conditions. Perhaps we could follow his suggestion and make the world a better place for all people.

Holly von Helms


Love and Acceptance for All

I commend the United Methodist Church of Montrose for flying the rainbow flag. For me, this flag represents love and acceptance for all.

The tapestry of my life has been enriched by many friends, neighbors and co-workers who are LGBTQ. Through these relationships I have come to believe that we are born with our own sexual preferences. We do not “choose.”

My dear friends have faced hostility and disgust from not only society, but even from their families who sometimes disown them. People have lost their lives just for being who they were born to be. This group of people, who have hopes and dreams just like the rest of us, face barriers to employment as well as discrimination in benefits in many states. It is hard for me to fathom why anyone would “choose” this lifestyle.

I was very surprised to hear that the rainbow flag has been stolen twice from the Methodist Church. Who knew it would be in such demand?

Janine Gwaltney


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