Questioning the Democrats

I appreciate Jean Ewing's July 10 challenge to my letter questioning Democrats. My quandary is understanding why good, thinking people can continue to support the Democratic Party, given its race from left to extreme far left in ten short years, and Ms. Ewing's comments were helpful.

Her opinions on abortion reflect the Democratic Party of old — a party that no longer exists. As evidenced by the new New York state law, her party now supports abortion at any time during pregnancy for any reason — reasons that have nothing to do with the health of the mother or the viability of the child. A proposed Virginia law would have permitted termination even as delivery begins, and Virginia's Democrat governor explained how a baby born alive after a botched abortion would be made comfortable while the mother and doctor decided its’ fate. (I used the term "abortion beyond pregnancy" to avoid the term "infanticide").

My abortion opinions are not that important. What Democrats should ask themselves is "Are your opinions on this subject and other important subjects (immigration, antisemitism, socialism, government run healthcare, second amendment rights, free speech, race, families, America's founding principles, etc.) in agreement with the radicals now in control of your party?” If so, fine. Join your candidates in their race to see who can sell out America the quickest in their attempt to turn us into Venezuela.

Hopefully, many will conclude that they can no longer support their Party as it moves toward socialism because they know capitalism and economic freedom are the ways we became the greatest country in the world — economic and otherwise.

(For the record, if Ms. Ewing will reread my prior letter, she will realize that "acceptance of rare early-stage abortion" referred to her old party, not myself).

Ed Henrie



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