Honest look at Red Flag Law

The letter, "No one wants to take your guns" is nothing more than raw, delirious dishonesty. Confiscating guns is exactly what the recently enacted Red Flag Law will do that the Colorado Democrat Legislature recently passed. And Democrat Gov. Polis is expected to sign it into law. That law should be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because confiscating guns is the purpose of that law. It's the foot-in-the-door the gun haters are looking for as a beginning for their confiscation goal. The provisions of the law can and will be used as a get-even tactic... "I'll just get his/her guns taken away... that'll teach him/her," in any divorce case or in any other dispute or conflict between quarreling parties. All it will take is a sworn affidavit from a deceitful person that the other party is a danger to others or his/herself and there goes the guns.

The fanatical collusion delusion nightmare is now over and President Trump has been exonerated as expected. But that wasn't the answer Democrats wanted. After wasting $30 million they got a nothing-burger! That would have been better spent as a contribution to the border wall! Just goes to show that truth is a threat to hypocrisy and intense hostility. Probably the next thing they will come up with is an accusation Trump tore off his mattress tag on July 14, 1982. Or that Robert Mueller and his 13 Democrat investigators are now in collusion with Russia! It might be interesting to loudly order Russian dressing for a salad in a crowded restaurant!

Jerry Bartholome


Recognize leadership

With the end of the legislative session fast approaching, it is important to recognize those elected officials who have shown leadership during the session. Senator Don Coram is one such official. This session, Sen. Coram helped to introduce SB-139, a bipartisan bill that would expand the number of DMVs that provide driver’s licenses to undocumented Coloradoans.

This bill amends 2013 legislation that granted undocumented Coloradoans the ability to apply for driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, the 2013 bill currently allows for only four DMVs to process these unique licenses. The result has been backlogged and overwhelmed DMVs.

Coram’s legislation amends this oversight and raises the number of DMVs to 10. Not only does it fix 2013’s shortcomings, it does so without spending any taxpayer money, with the licenses fees covering all the costs of the program.

SB-139 also maintains the key requirements previously established for undocumented Coloradoans to apply for licenses. Applicants must demonstrate that they have paid taxes and prove that they have resided in Colorado for the immediately preceding 24 months.

It was this commonsense and responsible approach, spearheaded by Sen. Coram, that led SB-139 to pass the Senate with bipartisan support.

With the legislation now coming to a vote in the house, it is our representative’s turn to show leadership. I hope Rep. Marc Catlin, will follow Sen. Coram’s courageous example and votes yes on SB-139.

Kody M. Gerkin


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