Vicious lies

The Democrats' constant personal attacks, vicious lies, and now baseless impeachment attacks on President Trump has nothing to do with him. Instead, their goal is to punish anyone who voted for him and distract attention from all of his positive achievements for America. But it's not working. Within days of Nancy Pelosi's announcement of an impeachment "inquiry,” the Trump campaign raised $13 million from fundraising activities within 72 hours with 50,000 new donors joining in. His rallies draw huge overflow crowds.

Since President Trump's election, 4 million new jobs have been created with unemployment rates at record lows for minorities and women. Wages are up and some 3.9 million Americans are off Obama's food stamps. Poverty levels are the lowest ever recorded. The stock market is constantly breaking new records, the biggest tax cuts and reforms were signed into law from the Tax Cuts and Jobs act with not one Democrat vote!

President Trump has signed extensive legislation concerning health care; Improving National Suicide Hotline, increasing childhood cancer research, changed Medicare 340B program saving seniors $320 on drugs in 2018, canceled Obama's individual mandate penalty, repealed Obama's "death panels,” proposed Title X to prevent taxpayers from funding abortions, $6 billion funding to fight opioid abuse. The list is endless!

Why is it Democrats want to destroy this president who loves America and has sacrificed and accomplished so much for her? They haven't done anything for America since gaining House majority almost three years ago. Instead, so twisted by hate, they have attacked, harassed and investigated Trump unmercifully with lies and he has always been found innocent by the Trump-hating lawyers who did the investigation!

Looking at all those who hate President Trump makes him even more likeable!

Jerry Bartholome


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