Stay Tuned!

When Donald Trump was elected president, I thought I was getting the next leader of the free world.

Instead I got a businessman selling his brand — himself — and an entertainer. Stay tuned and watch what I do or say next. It’s a teaser to get you hooked on the next episode.

It’s time for the president to do some very hard work — do his job as president of the United States.

Jo Clugg


Women’s Rights

I’m so glad that Ed Henrie in his July 3 letter accepts a woman’s right to “early-stage abortion.” Almost all abortions in America are performed in the first trimester, usually as early as possible. Pregnancy and childbirth are profound, life-changing experiences. To force a woman to continue with an early pregnancy and undergo childbirth against her will is both incredibly cruel and violates all of her fundamental rights. That is indeed “totalitarian.”

Yet, I’m sorry that Mr. Henrie feels so much distress about an “unborn child being ripped from the mother’s womb,” and confuses Democrats’ fight to keep abortion legal with “a celebration of abortion throughout pregnancy — and beyond.” I’m not sure what he means by abortion “beyond” pregnancy, but I assume his concern about the “unborn child” is the rare circumstance where a pregnancy must be terminated after 21 weeks, either because the fetus is dead or cannot survive (for example, has no head or brain), or because the woman’s life is seriously at risk. These decisions are always tragic, but if we don’t trust women and doctors to make them, women will die.

After a young woman died in exactly those circumstances because of draconian anti-abortion laws, Ireland voted overwhelmingly to make abortion legal. Yet Republican states are passing laws now to ban all abortions. Must women die in America, too?

Jean Ewing


Dear Montrose Residents...

On behalf of the Montrose Boys Golf Team, we would like to thank all of the community for their continued support of the high school golf program.

This starts with the businesses that gave so generously as hole sponsors for our tournament on June 25.

Thanks to the people who took the time to come out and play this year’s tournament and appreciation to the City of Montrose for allowing us to use the Black Canyon Golf Course. A big thank to Tom Young and the staff of both the pro shop and Divots Restaurant for helping set the tournament and the great meal afterward. A big thank you to Eric Feely for helping with the silent auction items and the golf courses that donated the rounds of golf.

It is all of you that allows us as coaches and players to continue to grow as a program. So thank you again for your support!

Dave Woodruff and the Montrose golf team


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