Re: ‘Immigrants make for a better country’

The truth is, Ms. Heffernan, our nation was built on "legal" immigrants helping the original settlers, not invaders. But the extremist left likes to infer that illegal immigrants are such a blessing, but contribute nothing. That's why they won't differentiate between illegal and "legal" immigrants. They want illegals here for the democrat party's future voters since they can't convince enough Americans to vote for their anti-American, unpatriotic, secret plots.

The corrupt Democrat/Globalists want gun control of Americans while the US borders are open letting invaders in who have no trouble stealing guns. Americans are called terrorists while illegal immigrants are showered with sympathy.

This invasion is not about innocent, poor refugees. Look at the new clean clothes the invaders are wearing! Some have the same style and color of new tennis shoes. And they are supposed to all be so poor! Could it be the Democratic party is financing this invasion since they are the ones fighting to keep borders open?

Lady Liberty must be crying rivers of tears watching the Democrats destroy our Country. Hefferman said a nation does better with an infusion of immigrants! It's "legal" immigrants who contribute, not invaders! It's "Legal" immigrants who start new businesses, not invaders. "Legal" immigrants believe in the American dream, not invaders who are demanding everything free.

Everyone who wants illegals here so badly should invite them to occupy their extra bedrooms, provide a diaper-changing room, take them to doctors, buy them clothes, provide them with their homeland flag to hang on their front porch, and provide regular meals cooked to their homeland tradition. A good way to deflect their hypocrisy!

We can't bring nail clippers on a plane, but we're supposed to let hordes of illegal aliens cross our borders every day. Thanks to the Democrats our Nation is in trouble!

Jerry Bartholome


America and mass shootings

To be at a mass shooting is easier than one can imagine! Just live in America! There could be one in you area at any time.

Shannon Neil


I know who I’m voting for

In reading the candidate information for the DMEA 2019 Board of Directors election, it is quite obvious that each candidate wrote their own blurb. It was good that I was not eating when I read David White’s information or else I would have choked on my food. His statement that his experience as a civil servant has “taught him that good decisions are driven by solid information” just about made me choke on my own breath. This statement comes from the same person who, as a county commissioner, cost the taxpayers of Montrose County to be in debt for over $40 million and never once asked for our opinions. If this is David White’s idea about what good decisions are, we don’t want him as a director on the DMEA Board.

We need directors on the DMEA Board like Ken Watson who are open and honest and have the integrity and knowledge to assist in stabilizing DMEA’s energy rates.

We also need a director like Jock Fleming who has had experience with the Colorado Utility Consumers Board and financial experience of running a multi-million dollar company.

My vote is going for Ken Watson and Jock Fleming to keep DMEA on a positive, progressive path for the future.

Connie Pittenger


Fleming and Watson the way to go

I’m writing to voice my support for Jock Fleming and Ken Watson for the board of the Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), which provides power to our area.

I worked for 25 years at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), in Golden, Colorado, during which time I saw renewable energy — particularly wind and solar power — become an inexpensive source of electricity backed by such major U.S. companies as General Electric. Renewable energy is now cheaper than power from coal or natural gas, and adding more renewable energy to DMEA’s energy “portfolio” would help to keep our electric bills from growing out of control.

DMEA is well aware of these benefits, of course, but it is currently locked in a long-term contract with Tri-State Generation, which depends largely on coal power. Under this contract, DMEA is limited to generating only 5 percent of its own power, a limit that the utility has hit through its solar field and the North Canal hydropower project. For DMEA to generate more local, renewable power, it must buy its way out of the Tri-State contract. This buyout is currently being negotiated, but it is certainly not a done deal.

We need people on the DMEA board who will continue to negotiate a fair contract buyout price with Tri-State and who also support the greater use of renewable energy by DMEA, to keep our power prices stable. I believe both Jock Fleming and Ken Watson are the candidates most supportive of this vision, and I encourage you to vote for both. Look for your DMEA ballots in the mail and be sure to send them in!

Kevin Eber


Vote for Ken Watson

I write to express my support for Ken Watson, who is seeking retention of his District 4 seat on the Delta-Montrose Electric Association ("DMEA") Board of Directors.

Ken graduated from Western State College in 1993, majoring in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Finance. For 17 years, Ken has held upper management positions with Montrose businesses, including Scott Fly Rod Company, and Gordon Composites. Ken's management experience includes a total of 9 years with the Black Canyon Jet Center, first as Director of Operations, then as General Manager/Equity Partner. During his time with Black Canyon Jet Center, I had several interactions with Ken. I found him to be pleasant, competent and reliable, and was impressed by his ability to work with it's staff and customers.

Ken's strong educational background, coupled with his lengthy experience in the business, finance and personnel management fields, make him the clear choice to continue his service on the DMEA Board of Directors. I look forward to voting for Ken in the upcoming election, and ask you to do likewise.

 Steve Mathis


Longer hold might have saved a father

I lost my father last week to suicide. He had previously threatened to kill himself, with a specific and detailed plan, which I reported to the Montrose Sheriff's department. They responded appropriately by taking him to the hospital. He was supposed to be on a 72-hour hold for mental evaluation, but was released by the Montrose Center for Mental Health without any further follow-up. As a medical professional myself, I know that any threat must be taken seriously. Had the Center for Mental Health followed national guidelines for mental health evaluation, he might have received the help he clearly needed. Instead, I no longer have a father.

I beg the city of Montrose to investigate the process which allowed a counselor to release my father despite having evidence in writing that he intended to end his life.

Janelle Komorowski

Addy, Washington


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