Punish voter fraud

It is disheartening to realize that there will probably be massive voter fraud in our 2020 elections. Illegal immigrants in Colorado can now get driver’s licenses by showing a Social Security number (Whose? Many have been stolen!), proving 24 months residency and swearing that they will apply for lawful presence when eligible.

Then in 2019, Colorado passed automatic voter registration. This forced voter registration (will the next step be a requirement to vote, as in many communist countries?) will register anyone who applies for a driver's license or renewal (even online), or identification card or Medicaid. That person must provide unspecified “documentation of citizenship.” Will a driver’s license (see above paragraph) be sufficient? And if not, how many will slip through the cracks anyway, accidentally or intentionally?

The registrant’s county clerk will (hopefully) review records, (hopefully) confirm citizenship and send the elector a notice. If he does not decline the registration or the post office does not return it within 20 days, he is registered. I foresee activists with voter rolls descending on neighborhoods and “helping” people who may not even be interested in voting or understand the language on the ballots to vote.

According to Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project, almost 60 percent of Colorado counties already have more registered voters than adult citizens. Only Michigan has more counties with dead, missing or fraudulently registered voters.

Voter fraud is a crime and a national disgrace. It should be vigorously investigated and participants should be harshly punished.

Bruce Many


David White for DMEA?

His qualifications for the job pale alongside Ken Watson’s, but more than that, let’s look at what he “accomplished” in his two terms as county commissioner.

First was the attempted power grab to take control of the hospital and sell it. That cost us taxpayers over a million dollars in legal fees. Since we own the hospital that put us in the ludicrous position of suing ourselves! A mind boggling waste of our tax dollars.

That was followed by the two FBOs fiasco. Bringing in someone who had neither run nor owned an FBO. What that cost us in legal fees before the deal collapsed is unknown. An example of David’s views on transparency.

Lastly was the Event Center. Good or bad, we are now saddled with a $14 million mortgage without having had a public vote. He pushed that through in the last commissioners’ meeting of his term, despite the pleas of the incoming board and public demand for a vote on the issue. The commissioners said they had a financial plan but never produced it. More transparency?

David is against breaking up with Tri-State even though we could save a ton of money. As much as 15 million dollars! He also wants to rein in Elevate, which is bringing us high-speed internet, something that was rejected by the BCC’s when he was a member.

There was also the one million dollar settlement paid out to the county employee that was fired as soon as she told the county she was pregnant. No other county or business would do that.

What do we gain with David on the board? A lone dissenting voice, and endless carping about going forward with good ideas. Based on his proven track record I don’t think we can afford having David White on the DMEA board.

Paul R. Janzen Montrose

Humans can be dangerous

In response to Steven Thomas’s “Immigrants can be dangerous” (May 31): Yes, of course immigrants can be dangerous. We are, after all, human beings. I use the royal “we” because we are all immigrants, even if we were born and raised on U.S. soil. None of us would be here if not for ourselves or our ancestors immigrating here. Whether it was in recent years, in the European influx of the late 1800s and early 1900s, in the 1600s as one of the first pilgrims, or long ago when the first homosapiens arrived in what is now North America.

That means that every crime/atrocity/problem that has occurred in the approximately 3.7 million square-miles of land we call the United States, over the course of human history, has been committed by immigrants. I think a more appropriate statement would be, “humans can be dangerous,” because unfortunately we can be. Humans can be evil, cruel, violent and broken.

While my heart mourns for the victims Thomas described and yearns for a cease of violence, we cannot represent millions with the heinous acts of few. If citizenship is based on a person’s demographic’s criminal history, then no person on earth could be allowed citizenship. If we had always acted this way towards immigrants, then the U.S. would not exist and none of us would be here. We cannot control where we were born or the actions of others like us. We can only choose to be good people ourselves. I urge us all to reevaluate how we judge others and ask if we would want to be judged based on the actions of others who look like us.

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the universe.” — famous immigrant Albert Einstein

Claire Beutler



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