Dear Friends:

After careful consideration, the Board of Trustees of the Montrose Regional Library District (MRLD) recommended closing our doors to the public as COVID-19 continues to affect communities throughout the United States.

During this closure, we will continue to work to serve you. You can get answers by phone at 970-249-9656, on our website at, and through the Montrose Regional Library Facebook page.

We will continue to listen to your recommendations and ideas and will work together to wisely proceed throughout the next weeks. In the meantime, please use our online resources: downloadable e-books, audiobooks, and movies; free language learning with Mango; and the Universal Class free continuing education courses, to name a few.

Let us continue to encourage one another to make choices that support the health and well-being of our community.

Be well and take care of one another,

— Caroline Evans, President Board of Trustees MRLD

By Paul Paladino

I want to assure you the board and administration of the library district did not make this decision lightly. We want to make sure the things we do contribute to the health and well being of the community. Staff immediately came to me with many ideas on how to possibly get books in the hands of our patrons. After all, that is a big part of our mission. I had to slow them down and point out that there is a reason we are closed. That reason is to slow the spread of COVID-19.

So we are taking some time to be thoughtful about any approaches we make to physically get books and other materials into the hands of our patrons. I would feel terrible if we were somehow responsible for the spread of the virus to even one person. I want to protect you, the public, and the library staff. There is a very dedicated staff here at the library and they feel awful they can’t be helping the community they love. But we are going to take some time and consult with the health experts about the ideas we have.

In the meantime we are answering the phones and will continue to answer your questions. For those with the Internet, we have many downloadable and streaming choices of e-books, audio books, movies, and documentaries. Staff is here to help you walk through how to download or stream to your devices.

If you have items checked out, don’t worry, we’ve paused due dates until we are able to reopen. No one knows when that will be. All I can tell you is library staff is working to do what we can to help you, and us, get through this. First we have to make sure we don’t do anything to make it worse.

Right now online is the best way for us to communicate. Check our website for updates. When we have something new to tell you we will certainly get it out to you. For now, hang in there and support each other Montrose.

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