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Sometimes you realize something you’ve always “known” to be true, was not true. This month was like that for me. One of my guilty pleasures has long been watching the show Ancient Aliens. (Not likely for the reasons that they hoped.)

I have a difficult time sleeping, and that show was a great sleep aid. Interesting enough to keep my mind from wandering and worrying… not so interesting that I stayed awake. But, the other reason I liked it (and to the crux of this particular column) is that I don’t believe in aliens. Like — really don’t.

This is because I’ve been around airplanes my whole life. My father was a pilot, I was a flight attendant, and I am acutely aware of how obsessively observant the flight control folks are. They are doing nothing but staring at everything flying around the planet day in and day out. The idea that stuff was flying around unaccounted for seemed rather silly.

But, Ancient Aliens talks a whole lot about anthropology, which I love, and discusses all the interesting curious stuff about anthropology. If you watch a traditional show on NatGeo they tell you everything they “know” which always feels condescending and ignorant at the same time.

Ancient Aliens tells you all the stuff we don’t know or don’t understand and then made the habit of following the “god of the gaps” tendency to fill in every interesting question with the answer “aliens” and I was able to find that answer amusing and enjoy some really interesting anthropology.

But, recently the Navy released some videos and authenticated them, and I heard really impressive men discuss what they’d seen… and suddenly my world has been rocked a bit. I don’t know what exactly to think about this whole alien idea, but this year they sure did get a big bunch of pulses in their column. When the New York Times is validating the videos and interviewing those involved, we are going to have to pay a bit more attention… we left the National Enquirer version behind this year. (The fake news before the normal news was fake news.)

You see, it turns out that our fighter pilots have been seeing really “alien” aircraft that perform in ways that violate the current understanding of physics. A freedom of information request. Some very competent and unfrazzeld testimonies, and a New York Times journalist willing to go out on a bit of a limb… and suddenly we are forced to at least open our minds to the idea that what we know isn’t the same today as it was yesterday. Last year I was 90% sure that aliens were a silly notion, and I was charmed by those who had the wonder to believe they might exist. Today I’m 90% sure something strange is flying around, and I feel less charmed and more bewildered.

Are you interested in what the New York Times was reporting on that has changed the conversation about UFO’s… probably forever? Google Commander David Fravor and check out the story in the New York Times.

There are videos of him on YouTube telling his story, and now several other Navy and Air Force pilots have come forward with similar stories. Maybe (probably?) it’s simply our own country. We have amazing, secret technology being developed in the Nevada desert and our government has not revealed anything since the 1964 revelation of the SR 71 Blackbird.

I could be wrong, but I can’t remember any big tech revelations since then. So I’m leaning toward the idea that this very well could be our own stuff. We may now have aircraft that violate what we have always known to be true about physics. But, maybe it is something … else? And in either case, how can these aircraft do the things they are doing? And what might that mean?

New ideas, new ways of seeing the world, and it’s fun. I am not a fan of the notion that truth is relative. Truth is absolute. But, I do accept that our experience of truth can be relative, and my experience of truth was rocked and rolled this month. And what’s even better (don’t tell NatGeo) I don’t really want to know exactly what the ultimate truth is. I much enjoy the hazy notions and ideas. It’s nice to ponder and muse. One way or another, there is something about the nature of reality as I understand it that isn’t accurate anymore.

As Agent Mulder would remind us … The truth is out there!

Twyla Righter is a native of Western Colorado. She is the mother of three children bent on world domination (they have pie charts) and a proud CASA advocate. She writes two columns for the Press as well authoring the definitive guide to a horrible pregnancy: “About That Pregnancy Glow.” Righter’s “Outside the box” “Outside the box” column appears every other Friday in the Montrose Daily Press.

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