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Justin Tubbs is the Montrose Daily Press managing editor. He can be reached at justint@montrosepress.com or by phone at 970-252-7035.

By now you’ve read some of the important announcements about your newspaper.

Our publisher, Dennis Anderson, in Wednesday’s edition told you about our change from a morning paper to an afternoon paper. Many of our loyal readers will remember when the Montrose Daily Press was an afternoon paper: It was as recent as 2007.

As the editor, I’m excited about the change. When dealing with a print product, one of the most difficult things to deal with is the production. We’re always working on a deadline, but as a morning paper, there were things we sometimes can’t get into the paper the next day. Sometimes city council meetings run late. Sometimes there’s breaking news overnight. When we transition to delivering your paper in the afternoons, on May 5, that will no longer be an issue.

It changes front-page story deadlines and, in some ways, shifts the way our editors and reporters think about delivering the news to you.

I know many of you enjoy stepping out, grabbing the paper off your front porch and reading it over a cup of coffee, but in the end, it’s all about delivering a better, more complete product. Switching to afternoons will allow us to do just that.

But this isn’t our first shift in thought. We’ve put a big emphasis on delivering news as quickly as possible on the internet.

A few months after I came onboard with the Press, I told a reporter to get a story up online right after it was finished. It wasn’t scheduled to be in print until the next day.

“Won’t the print customers feel they’re missing out?” the reporter asked.

Many newsrooms still think that way, but print customers have the same benefits as those who only subscribe digitally. Everyone has access to our website. There will be stories that make it into print before they go online, but it also works the other way around.

And for the folks who don’t have access to the internet, the printed paper isn’t far behind.


With these changes we’ve announced, there will be some differences in the print product itself. Don’t fret. You won’t miss any of the coverage you had before, but some things may be shuffled around. For instance, we will add a dedicated page on Tuesdays for recreation news (separate from sports). We will also add a Tuesday food page.

Wednesday will come with the business page as usual, but you’ll also receive regional news in that edition.

Some pages may look slightly different, and obituaries likely won’t remain in the same space. In all, the changes won’t be drastic, and within a couple weeks, you won’t remember it was ever any other way.

Perhaps the biggest difference to the newspaper, however, is that you’ll no longer receive a Sunday edition. We’ve decided to combine all our efforts into one weekend paper, which will be delivered Saturday evenings. You won’t miss out on any of the content we had in Saturday’s paper, and the Sunday content will just be included in the one weekend paper you receive.

That means a larger publication — one that will take a little longer to digest.

From a newsroom perspective, having only one weekend paper will do wonders for us. For every second I don’t have to put my attention toward production and pagination, that’s an added second to focusing on choosing content, coaching writers and editing stories.

That’s not to say we’re closed to comments. Please call us to let us know what you think about afternoon delivery.

When you start to receive your new paper on May 5, call us to let us know what we can do better and what you like. We want to remain your community newspaper, and that’s hard to do without hearing from the community.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay healthy.

Justin Tubbs is the Montrose Daily Press’ managing editor. You can reach him at 970-252-7035 or by email at montrosepress.com.

Justin Tubbs is the Montrose Daily Press managing editor. 

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