Congressional District 3 Representative Lauren Boebert in a speech last Monday implored a gathering of around 200 people in Montrose to call their county clerks to have the Dominion voting machines removed from the Colorado election process. “I need you all to contact your clerk and put pressure on your county clerk; 62 of the 64 counties in Colorado use Dominion,” Boebert said. The audience groaned with their disapproval that so many counties are using the much-maligned machines.

Garfield and Douglas counties are the only two that don’t use Dominion. Garfield uses the ClearVote voting system by Clear Ballot Group. Boebert won her election by 6.5% with all but Garfield County using Dominion. She lost Garfield her home county by less than 6% of the votes.

In Montrose County, elected officials stand behind the integrity of our local elections. Tressa Guynes, the Montrose County clerk and recorder, has their full support.

“I think Tressa has done a great job explaining how that works in our community. The Conservative Women had a zoom call with Wayne Williams (former Secretary of State, Colorado) to reconfirm that Dominion machines at least in Colorado are solid. I’d be hard pressed to be convinced that there’s a problem here in Montrose County,” said Sue Hansen, Montrose County commissioner.

“One of the things I think is that people are still hurting in regards to the election. The idea that our clerk and recorder … I’d put her up against anyone with the way she runs the elections. It’s not only that these clerks put their professional reputations up, they put their personal reputations up with it. When you talk to Tressa you see it’s about her name and her reputation not just the office’s reputation,” said Marc Catlin, District 58 state representative.

“Everybody wants to talk about something, and everyone has an opinion about what fact is. There may or may not be election fraud. If so it needs to be brought forward with evidence. Social media is out there giving a lot of opinions that may or may not be fact. I have talked with Tressa … I got to tell you I don’t think there is a better one in the state. And I’m certainly not worried about election integrity in Montrose, Colorado,” Sen. Don Coram said.

“I have full faith in our Delta County election team. Teri Stephenson has done an amazing job. When an election is complete canvassing is done to ensure accuracy of the voting machines. If we as a society are truly worried about election integrity we would require ID for voting registration, we would not allow large ballot drops after poll watchers had left and we would properly investigate and prosecute anyone violating our election laws,” said Don Suppes, Delta County commissioner.

The Dominion machines originally were vetted by then Colorado Secretary of State Republican Scott Gessler and completed by his successor, Republican Wayne Williams.

Representative Ken Buck, current Colorado State Republican chair, has publicly stated his support for the Colorado election process. He did not challenge the elections on Jan. 6 as Boebert did. Colorado is considered the gold standard for statewide elections. “There’s really very few things we do in this country that are as important as not only conducting honest elections but also convincing the public that the elections were honest,” Buck told CPR News back in December.

Dominion Voting Systems is based in Denver. According to its website, Colorado election law requires a voter verified paper record and all Colorado counties conduct statistically rigorous risk-limiting audits after each election.

In an interview with CBS News 4 current Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold had this to say: “Our referral rate for potential double voting and further investigation in our 2018 general election was 0.0027 percent of all ballots cast.” According to the report that meant 62 ballots out of 1.5 million cast. Referral means sending them over to the attorney general for a further look.

The call from Boebert to challenge the state’s county clerk and recorders, county commissioners on removing Dominion machines is without merit. It’s been widely reported across the state that county clerks, no matter their party affiliation, have held up their end of maintaining the gold standard.

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