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No upper respiratory hoax interfered with the production of today’s notes.


Butter Side Up…… All three local golf courses opened for the 2020 season last week. They’ve all got the requisite 18 holes. All are distinctly different in layout and feel. So, who’s got the record low score on each course? The Notebook caught up with PGA pros Gerard Lanser (Cobble Creek), Tom Young (Black Canyon) and Todd Schaefersman (The Bridges) for the skinny.

• Black Canyon Golf Club: There are two sets of records. One, from when the course had two par-fives on the front side and was a par 72; a second set of scoring records from the current set-up, a par 70. The course scoring record when it was a par 72 was an eight-under 64, shared by golfers Doug Rohrbaugh and Tom Carricato. The record for the par 70 course is seven-under 63, shared by Angelo DeJulio, John Ray, Riley Willis, and Bryan Ryall.

• The Bridges: Schaefersman says low scores recorded only from the “tips” — the longest positioning of tees — will count as a course record. It is a 64 and is shared by Jeremy Lederer, a former MHS star, who posted the first eight-under in October, 2008. Justin Fox matched the 64 two years later. Ditto Brandon Bingamon. It’s worth noting that MHS standout golfer Micah Stangebye, who signed a scholarship to play college golf next season at Arkansas Tech, shot 65 in last year’s state 4A tournament at The Bridges. (Doncha love the A. Tech’s team’s nickname? The Wonder Boys.)

• The Links at Cobble Creek: This record belongs to another former all-state MHS golfer, Glen-Michael Mihavetz, who shot 10-under par 62 in August, 2016 in a qualifying tournament for the MHS team. “He was on fire that day,” remarked Young, one of the Indian’s golf coaches. Today, Mihavetz is a member of the Monmouth University (NJ) golf team. Last season as a sophomore, he played in six tournaments for the Hawks. A business management and marketing major, he’s been named to the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference all-academic team. He’s the son of Mike and Lynda Mihavetz.

(A side note: when you shoot 62 – to qualify – for the team, that says a lot about the long-term quality of the MHS golf program and the “feeder” youth golf summer programs at all three courses. There have been three state championship teams, three state medalists, and a long list of all-state golfers wearing the Indian colors. A championship tradition.)


Second Sunday Cinema……This month’s featured indie movie is ‘Uncut Gems,’ starring Adam Sandler, Julia Fox and Eric Bogosian. Sandler is a charismatic New York City jeweler who continues to make a series of high-wire, high-risk bets to further family and lifestyle. The Rotten Tomatoes website gives it a 92 percent rating. Rated R. The curtain is noon inside the warm and comfy confines of the Penthouse Theater……Worth A Look……When three generations of the Woody family went to see the movie, ‘Call of the Wild,’ last week at the Penthouse Theatre, it was packed. A few minutes into the film, you could see some stirring and whispering. As in: “is that a real dog?” Nope. (And it’s a long way from Lassie running to bark up the sheriff in order to save Timmy, who fell into a mineshaft. Or, Rin Tin Tin chasing down an outlaw on horseback.)

Buck’s the narrator of the film and he’s a CGI (computer generated imaging) St. Bernard. The CGI has become so good that when ‘Life of Pi’ came out a few years back, I recall turning to Ryann and whispering, “They’ve trained that tiger pretty good.” She replied, “Dad, it’s CGI.” (Of course, I knew that.) In the movie ‘Wild,’ Buck has spot on timing when expressing humor; later a grimace, when Harrison Ford gets drunk, mourning his son. Ford plays a miner looking more for peace than gold in Jack London’s famous novel. Incidentally, Ford, 77, will be in his fifth Indiana Jones movie when it comes out next year.


Butter Side Up……The Friends of the Ute Indian Museum will meet Saturday, Mar. 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. On tap will be a board of directors vote (two seats available), a chili-soup potluck and a short meeting, so says VP of the board, Lu Anne Tyrrell, 970-209-6837.


Winning Headline: “Marijuana in Bra Leads to Bigger Bust” – Dothan (AL) Eagle, on top of story about a drug raid and how one of the scofflaws stuffed her underwear to fool police.

Stephen Woody was the publisher of community daily newspapers for 38 years in four cities, including the Montrose Daily Press, 1997-2011.

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