Negative Democrats

You never hear Democrats say anything positive about this country. Per Saul Alinsky, the left's goal is to sow as much class warfare and racial hatred as possible to achieve their Marxist aims. Al Read's Sept. 25 letter breaks that mold when he indicates that we live in a kind of paradise. He believes "our government … can do a pretty good job". Unfortunately, he attaches the word "socialist" to the various things we enjoy (roads, sewers, police, schools, etc.) We enjoy these things, however, because we live in a free, capitalist society. That free enterprise system provides wages and profits that are taxed to fund these services. What socialists don't talk about is: once this free enterprise system is destroyed and replaced by socialism, (where the means of production and distribution systems are controlled by a central government), it's all downhill from there. Can we all say "Venezuela" ?

Mr. Read touches on a major difference between leftists and conservatives. Conservatives want to get control over a growing out-of-control federal government, and leftists want it to control everything. If the government cannot manage a relatively simple thing like Social Security (rapidly approaching bankruptcy), can you imagine the "pretty good job" they will do controlling every facet of our lives ?

Given more space, I could refute most of Read's claims about conservatives' "rejection of anything new" (opposing the American Revolution, freeing the slaves, racial integration, Social Security, apple pie, etc.) and "being on the wrong side of history". Suffice it to say that it was the Democratic Party that supported slavery, opposed integration, instituted Jim Crow laws, and filled KKK ranks. George Wallace sure wasn't a Republican. And, socialism is not new -- it has been starving citizens wherever implemented for many generations.

Ed Henrie


Sunny says Thanks

About three weeks ago we adopted a little blue heeler dog from Second Chance. We had lost our Sadie due to illness, and we found it in our hearts to adopt again. We found Sunny at Ridgway and fell in love with her.

Sunny was from the midwest, caged all her five years of life in a puppy mill. She had been abused and neglected all those years, thus, the trauma she felt. She pulled out of her collar and leash one evening, having been frightened by a car. We tried so hard to catch her, but she eventually spent five days and nights in the field north of the church on 6700 Road. The whole neighborhood watched out for her, caring for her and trying to catch her. Police Officers Ramirez, Suppes and animal control officer Mike Duncan tried to catch her (did you get that Commander Matt?) as well as 360 friends and neighbors, give or take a few. We contacted Elizabeth of Second Chance and she sent our dear friend Jan Chastain, who volunteers at Second Chance, out to help us. Jan knew exactly what to do as she helped care for Sunny at the shelter. Sunny and Jan had a trust built up, and Sunny was back home by noon and as much relieved as we were.

Much thanks to all who helped us: vets, neighbors, friends old and new, the police force, Second Chance, and prayers and love. All this for a little dog. Just think what it would have been like if it had been a child.

We are so grateful.

Chuck and Judy Best


P.S. Did you ever see a little dog roll over and over in the cool grass, and then get up to smell the roses?!

Thank a hunter

It’s that time of year again, and with the changing of the leaves on the trees, comes the gathering of hunters for a national pastime. Whether you’re a hunter, or not, we should all be thankful for hunters and their great contribution to our state.

In fact, Colorado hunters spend $1,800 each year on hunting-related expenses. Hunters stay in area hotels, buy gas and snacks at convenience stores, eat at restaurants, and shop at our local stores. This revenue supports 8,400 Colorado jobs and creates as astounding $763 million ripple effect on the state’s economy.

As a small business owner, I’m thankful for the business hunters bring in, and I want others to know there’s more to the sport than the hunt. When hunters take to the field, their spending becomes part of the formula that contributes to a healthy Colorado economy.

Next time you spot blaze orange or camouflage clad hunters, be thankful they have chosen to spend money in our community.

Theresa Leben


The Con Man

We are all familiar with the Con Man’s method: do something damaging to our previously well-tuned government institutions, illegal, or just plain stupid; then turn around and blame Democrats for the problem he created. Fox News, the entertainment network created by Nixon’s misinformation advisor Roger Ailes, with money from conservative Australian tabloid mogul Murdoch, then goes into overdrive amplifying the Con Man’s message, blaming Hillary, Obama, or the Democrats for (fill in the blank). Forgetting the dozens of previous blatantly dishonest episodes brought about by this president, the corruption involved in requesting that Ukraine investigate the Biden’s is uniquely out in the open for all to see; hence Speaker Pelosi needed to act. Never before in our nation’s history has a President of the United States called on the help of foreign powers to help his campaign, and this president has now done it twice. Given the division of our country, as bad as it has been since the Civil War, Putin’s efforts to get Trump elected have borne fruit beyond his wildest dreams. Without firing a shot, and with relatively small financial outlay, his help in elevating Trump to the presidency has put Republicans and Democrats at each other’s throats, ensuring our eventual demise as the beacon of democracy and hope, and the de-facto world leader. If ever the Constitutional provision for impeaching a president was called for, this is the time. Expect a huge advertising blitz in support of the president’s honesty and patriotism by the Republicans, helped behind the scenes by the Russians. If they are successful, the Con Man will remain in office for another four years, possibly much longer, and the destruction of our democracy will be complete. With Trump in control of the Presidency, our country is in mortal danger.

Dave Congour


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