Sane gun safety

To our elected Republican officials on sane gun safety regulations. I see your lack of action as being chicken .... and yet you have no eggs.

Jerome Waler


Violence is a means to an end

Mass shootings unfortunately continue. The mass shootings take the notoriety; however in many of the larger, Democratic controlled cities, the same number of people are killed each weekend as in the publicized mass shootings that take the headlines.

Now, the mayor of Chicago is blaming surrounding conservative, Republican areas for supplying the guns that are used in the ongoing violence in her city. I wonder how many of the guns used in crimes were properly purchased. I would assume that most are stolen and sold between criminals. I doubt that the average gang banger travels out of state to purchase a firearm and then comes back to Chicago to commit crime with a gun that can easily be traced back to them.

Walmart is now going to stop selling handguns (Alaska was the last state where Walmart sold handguns) and ammunition that is used in many of the popular AR platform rifles. This makes Walmart look like they are doing something to make the liberals happy, when in reality lawful, gun purchasers are losing an outlet for purchase of guns and ammo to protect themselves.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

If there were an easy solution to stop violence, it would already be done. If the supply of guns was restricted, other items would be used to commit violence for example knives, cars, bombs. Violence is a means to an end. It is not the item used to commit the violence, but the threat of violence.

Ed Moreland


P.S. The liberal bastion of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors just declared in a non-binding resolution that the NRA is a domestic terror group. I guess protecting our rights to arms is a crime in their eyes.

Intolerant and scared

Why is the Left so intolerant and afraid to allow other opinions? Can’t their beliefs stand up to scrutiny?

Leftist try to silence opposition through intimidation. Thus throwing paint on fur coats, holding disruptive protests at a bank president’s home, publicizing names, and addresses, of donors to encourage harassing actions, deceitful character assassination, physically threatening (Denver) petition circulators, and (Eckert) threatening to “destroy” a business for allowing a petition.

If you don’t agree with a petition, don’t sign. No need for confrontation.

The Left believes that others are not #Woke. They are enlightened; we knuckle-draggers refuse to embrace socialism and equality. The starvation and misery of Venezuela and other socialist states don’t persuade them. Their trite belief: the right people weren’t in charge.

Throughout history, the right people have never been in charge.

We need to publicly support conservative candidates and issues. Please don’t let leftist intimidation silence you.

Bruce Many


Public safety board

I too sat on the public safety board (volunteered, mind you, with a notion of civic duty. It’s easy, just show up). I learned much about crime rates and policing of this community. It was a good experience overall though on a board having a diversity of a high straight flush. However, I am un-consensual with the consensus of the board. As deliberation was aggressively directed toward an outcome as predictable as the fall in September, I am discouraged by the size and timing of the ask of the police department. I concluded more force might not be a bad idea per the data; I am not opposed to a larger facility or adaptation of existing facilities housing the addition of personnel. I don’t have issue with a tax increase to accomplish this, but moderation is always best (the community rec center cost less than the proposed facility and it even has swimming pools).

We have built new schools yet are lining the buildings with moldy and substandard trailers for classrooms for elementary students with the expectation that my kids need the character building experience, all while test scores in the community are quite low per the recent reporting of this newspaper.

In our board discussion we applied a comparative approach citing GJPD as a great example of a nice facility funded by tax. Yet there was little deliberation given to the city park immediately next door with a homeless problem rivaling third world economics that I would not visit with a police escort. If we vote this glorious and romantic house on a hill, let’s not forget all of the children, families, and members of this community whose shoulders bear this lifting for your safety.

Greg Fulks


Rural healthcare

I currently serve as the community outreach manager for the Tri-County Health Network (TCHNetwork), which works to improve health in San Miguel, Montrose, and Ouray counties, and improve overall access to affordable and quality healthcare in this rural region.

These issues around rural health are at the forefront of legislation in Washington right now in the Lower Healthcare Costs Act of 2019. This bill, which is aimed at preventing surprise billing, is addressing a very important issue, but simultaneously forgetting about rural communities like ours and reducing our access to critical care.

This legislation would prevent patients from receiving a bill that they can’t afford, something that we at TCHNetwork work every day to prevent. But equally important to providing transparent and low-cost healthcare is having access to that care at all. Due to our remote location, it can often be over an hour drive to the nearest hospital to receive necessary medical treatment. We often have clients who require air transport, via air ambulance, for life-saving reasons.

These air ambulances provide essential access to emergency medical treatment in our rural communities. Despite our initiatives to reduce the need for emergency care, there are always medical emergencies that require treatment quicker than ground ambulances can provide and air ambulances are often our only option.

Preventing expensive billing is important, but we also need to ensure that residents of rural communities have access to critical care, including air ambulances.

Kody M. Gerkin


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