What must be our next move?

Seperate the real Americans from the un-Americans!

On this falsified facade, before we get all “Republican or Democrat,” we must determine those of us that want to continue the successes of this nation as a constitutional democratic republic. Until recently, we have always had two equally responsible parties willing to work together like their predecessors with one goal in mind, “Keep America great!”

Our nation’s future is in jeopardy from the recent prolonged travesty of justice promoted by the soul shattered Democrats, who hopefully are not lost forever from centuries of American dreamers who have lived and died for this nation’s success as a free democracy. It just doesn’t seem possible that this proud Democratic Party is willing to give everything up to satisfy a childish personality conflict like school yard children and their bullies!

If we can’t responsibly come together before this next election, this hiccup in democracy will turn into a fatality of self-government. Then the “powers that be” will have to take full charge and attempt to save our constitutional America from subversive failure for the next generations.

Who would ever believe that an advanced nation like the United States could be in danger from internal political ignorance in this day of information overload? But is seems that there are too many citizens unable to connect with reality, so they react like children ignoring everything they know about justice and the American way to subvert the legally elected president,

This situation will not rectify itself, real Americans must stand up and insist on intelligent constitutional procedures to nominate and elect our next leader instead of playing into the grasp of foreign powers.

Bill Codd


We’ve been betrayed

Javelins anti-tank missiles don’t come cheap. American workers manufacture them and we pay for them with our tax dollars. Our government sells such arms to allies. President Trump encourages that, usually.

I read the transcript of his call to the President of Ukraine. Trump says it’s “word for word” correct, “perfect.” Read it for yourself. It’s an eye-opener.

In their conversation, the president of Ukraine says, “We’re almost ready to buy more Javelins for defense purposes.” Trump responds, “We need you to do us a favor though.” Yes, Trump said that; it’s in his transcript.

I count eight times Trump then asks Ukraine’s president to, in effect, dig up “dirt” on political rival, Joe Biden. That’s the “favor.” Ukraine desperately needs Javelins. From what Trump says, they would be safe to assume getting “dirt” is the path to closing the deal.

Donald Trump’s call represents clear abuse of presidential power for personal gain. He used missiles, which we Americans paid for, to advance his personal political interest, not our national interest. Congress with bipartisan support approved Javelins for Ukraine. But Trump personally ordered the sale halted. Then he waited. After the news broke, he made the phone call.

To make doing a personal “favor” a condition constitutes an extortion attempt. Ukraine’s president won’t care if any “dirt” they can dig up is true or not. He just needs Javelins ASAP. Russia may attack any moment.

Preying on the weak and desperate to benefit himself is part of Donald Trump’s “art of the deal.” Thus, his call is a betrayal of our national interest, our money and his oath of office.

And some folks wonder why there’s now an inquiry. Unbelievable.

Larry Heath



Wouldn’t it be a fun writing assignment for all the “letter to the editor” writers from the right and left wing to consider the following scenario. All the allegations leveled at the current president, Trump, be assigned to the past president, Obama. Does the definition of “hypocrisy” come to mind?

Rodney Cencich


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