Control your dog!

This morning my wife and I were in a local hardware store, buying some paint, and while we were waiting for our paint to be ready, a woman came down the aisle with a rather large pet dog on a leash. I am a blind guide dog user, and my guide and I were standing right up to the counter, and when the woman passed by, her dog started growling and then lunged at my guide dog. We narrowly avoided a tragedy with my wife and I getting between her growling snarling dog, and protecting my guide dog. The woman then said, gosh... he has never done that before! Well, I just want to say, if you can not control your dog, either on or off leash, please do not expose my guide and other working dogs to the potential harm your dogs could cause us, and leave them in the car.

Larry J. Kontz


A thought on homelessness

May I suggest an obvious solution to the hunger/homeless problem in Montrose?

Churches are more than able to aid the hungry and homeless people here. The money saved by not paying taxes over many years alone would more than cover the costs. The land available could easily accommodate tents/shelter and porta-potties. Most churches have kitchen facilities to prepare food and feed those in need.

Just ask: “What would Jesus do?”

Willa Pridemore


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