Recognizing Chris Quintana

When I meandered into Montrose in August of 1974, I became one of the many people that Chris Quintana, owner of Stockmen's helped out. White guy with long hair and a New Jersey accent .... not your typical local. But Chris had a green box with 4-by-6 cards on which he would put your name, and would add what you charged in his restaurant and subtract what you paid toward your bill.

I've heard numerous stories about the many people he helped; and how some people left town and never paid off their bill. But, this is what Chris did for his community. Montrose is a great community of giving people; Chris is one of those stories.

Jerome Waler


Reality, like it or not

Imagine you're the president of a small country. Half has been taken by the second most powerful military in the world. At this very moment their tanks are at your border, poised to take the rest of your homeland.

You've just won an election which completed the ouster of a corrupt president. He was a puppet of the very dictator whose army is at your border. You have no idea when and if they'll invade again. But, you know one thing for sure, you're their prime target.

Sounds bad, doesn't it. But, that's not all.

Your primary source of military aide is from a country with a president named Donald Trump. He's already withheld promised aide. Then Trump calls. "I need you to do me a favor," he says. He wants dirt on a potential election challenger.

What would you do if you were president of Ukraine, that small country?

If I were him, father of a six year old son, I know exactly what I had to do, so my son could survive at least. I would do my darndest to dig up all the dirt Trump could ever possibly want. And, I certainly wouldn't care if any of it were true. I would make sure Trump is pleased. The need for aide is desperate.

Surely President Trump wouldn't do something so vile, so self-serving, would he? He did. He said so.

That's reality. That's President Trump. Sad.

Larry Heath


Time to act

One of the things that first drew me to Montrose was it’s friendly, safe, small-town feel. Over the years, that feeling of safety has diminished. Our house was broken into and robbed. In another incident, two bikes were stolen off of our front porch. These are personal incidents, but they reflect the increasing crime rate in Montrose. During the past eight years, our felony crime rate has increased by 51%, and the total number of incidents has increased by 34%. Since 2001, Colorado has seen an 83% increase in overdose deaths with the number of our local deaths paralleling that trend.

It is time that we do something to address the significant and growing crime problem in our town. One of the first steps is to ensure that the Police Department has the resources that they need to conduct their jobs. While no one likes taxes, the proposed increase in sales tax from 7.95% to 8.53% will still leave us in the midrange for our surrounding communities. It is time that we act so I will be voting yes on 2A, One Community-Safer Together.

Kjersten Davis


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