Honest problem solvers

I’ve been around since 1938. I am fortunate to have been a citizen of the greatest country on earth during its best years. The future, however, doesn’t look rosy.

China is on its way to being the powerhouse of the future. China is single-minded. China has goals. China is building. The United States, however, seems rudderless, wallowing in political correctness with no idea where it is going.

Our most beautiful cities have thousands of homeless people begging, sleeping and defecating on the streets. At the same time, additional hordes of homeless people from countries to the south assault our border attempting to enter the country. Congress ignores the situation.

The infrastructure of our country is rotting — suffering from terminal neglect. Bridges are rusting. Roads are crumbling. The electrical grid is becoming inadequate. Congress ignores the situation.

The cost of healthcare is soaring upward. It’s too expensive. Congress ignores the situation.

Data indicate that the world is warming and has been for many years. What needs to be done to accommodate the temperature rise? Congress ignores the situation.

There is no attempt to balance the budget. Temporary steps are taken every few months to “kick the can” down the road in order to keep the governments doors open. Congress ignores the situation.

Half of our government in Washington, with the urging of the major media, are outraged that Donald Trump won the last election. They are expending their energy attempting to exact revenge on Trump and the people that elected him. Endless angry committee meetings, investigations and TV interviews about Trump occupy their time instead of attending to the real problems that exist in the USA.

There’s an election in about a year. It will give us an opportunity to clean house and elect honest problem solvers. I pray that it happens.

Barry Lindstrom


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