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(R) Vice President Spiro T. Agnew: Tax evasion!

(R) President Richard M. Nixon: Watergate!

(R) President Ronald Wilson Reagan (666): Iran-Contra Affair!

(D) President "Bill" Clinton: Impeach!

(R) President George W. Bush: Iraq War!

(R) President Donald J. Trump: Impeach!

(R)epublicans 5 (D)emocrats 1.... The American People Lose

Jerome Waler


Thanks, Montrose

Thank you to the residents of Montrose for passing proposition 2A.

The Center for Mental Health was in full support of ballot measure 2A which will provide much-needed increased funding for our police department in Montrose through a nominal (.58%) sales tax increase.

As the community behavioral health provider for Montrose County, we see first-hand the demands placed on our law enforcement to deal with a wide range of substance abuse and mental health issues in our community. Sometimes what seems like a police issue can really be the result of an untreated behavioral health condition.

We currently operate a co-responder program where one of our behavioral health providers rides with an officer when they anticipate needing mental health services. This enables someone who may be in need of treatment to get it sooner. This nationally-recognized program can keep a resident out of jail when that is not the appropriate response. Implementing such services requires resources.

As our community continues to grow, the demands to keep our community safe are only going to increase. The police department needs additional funding to keep up with the needs of our growing community and to continue to implement innovative programs such as the co-responder initiative.

The Center for Mental Health appreciates residents for supporting the public safety sales tax by voting yes on ballot measure 2A.

Shelly J. Spalding

CEO, The Center for Mental Health in Montrose

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