Original thoughts and opinions would be refreshing

I’m glad the Daily Press is committed to publishing editorials from different points of view. I find it valuable to read authors I may disagree with and ask myself, “why do I disagree? Do they make a convincing argument? Is it a fresh perspective? Does it make me question my assumptions? Can I learn something from it?”

The more perspectives, the better, in my opinion.

In that spirit, I read Ed Henrie’s latest letter to the editor. Among other things, he says he “groaned when you ... brought back Robert Reich, who continually fails to back up his outrageous claims with facts.” Mr. Henrie’s letter then goes on to do exactly that.

He ascribes nefarious motives to Democrats, and then tells us what they really want, which boils down to “permanent power,” “domination” and “a borderless Marxist state.” Really? He calls the Mueller investigation a farce and then accuses several people of lying to Congress, and so on.

I’m sorry, but these are opinions and accusations, not facts. Where is the evidence based on legitimate journalism or credible sources to back any of this up?

Has Mr. Henrie talked with any Democrats lately? How many actually want “a borderless Marxist state” or are motivated to cheer for a surge in coronavirus (etc.) in order to defeat Donald Trump? (Perhaps Trump’s bumbling and inept response to the pandemic and other things will do that on his own).

Mr. Henrie and everyone else has a right to express their opinions and world view. But it would be refreshing if some of the frequent letter writers to the Daily Press would offer original thoughts and opinions and try to find common ground rather than demonizing people, fear mongering, and often parroting conspiracy theories and right-wing media talking points.

Paul Lewis


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