The lights stayed on — and our money will be staying here

This summer, Delta-Montrose Electric Association met the long-awaited milestone of transitioning its power supply away from Tri-State Generation & Transmission to its new provider, Guzman Energy. As anticipated, thanks to the crews helping to manage the logistics, the transition went smoothly, and the lights stayed on!

The main goal in this transition was to stabilize rates for DMEA’s members. This is supported by DMEA’s plan to keep member rates unchanged through the end of 2021. Long term, there are several other aspects of this transition that we, together, believe will benefit those DMEA serves:

1. We are entering the new energy age.

DMEA’s move to Guzman pivots DMEA to the new energy age. It positions DMEA and its members to take advantage of technological changes, a new regulatory landscape, and the economic realities of a diversified and competitive energy market. We can do better when it comes to cleaner, more sustainable, and more affordable energy.

2. We are in a contract that serves DMEA.

In the past, DMEA’s voice was one among many when it came to wholesale power issues. Now, working with Guzman, DMEA has the ability to execute a plan that focuses on its members, the flexibility to make changes to add benefit to those members, and to look toward what’s best for those in its communities. DMEA will also have the flexibility to respond to local economic needs as they arise.

3. More of the energy you use will be locally sourced.

Not only are we helping the local economy by stabilizing rates for DMEA members, but we are also going to focus on harnessing the resources available to us in our own backyard.

DMEA and Guzman have already begun development of a large-scale renewable energy project of at least 10 MW of solar energy which will be built in our community. Future development will also be locally focused, keeping dollars invested in local communities.

We are excited about embarking on this new energy future together and look forward to the stability and multitude of benefits to be seen by DMEA members.

Jasen Bronec, CEO, Delta Montrose Electric Association

Christopher Riley, CEO of Guzman Energy

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