Friday proved an eventful day with the twins celebrating their second birthday and doting over my wife for Valentine’s Day. I had the Black Canyon Barbershop Chorus Club surprise Mandy (wife), Sebastian (son) and Savannah (daughter) during music class at Living Word Lutheran Church. The quartet did a splendid job of serenading my wife and putting on a show. Thanks to those gentlemen who earned me a big beautiful kiss at the end of the day.

For the most part, the twins made out well for their birthday except for Savannah’s impending molar which has put her is a melancholy mood. 

These kids are growing up faster than I would have imagined. The saying is true that we should savor these moments while they last. It’s clear they won’t last long enough.

• • •

I’m a big fan of both Dee Laird and Curt Robinson and their engagement in government. For the most part, we get along quite well, but I have been caught off guard by the ferocity they have shown in attempting to oppose the current rec center initiative as it exists on this April’s ballot. 

As with all politics there’s spin to excite voters. In this case, it comes down to a question of class warfare. In a couple recent letters to the editor, people have made very direct innuendos about those leading the effort and their personal wealth. I sure didn’t believe animosity of the 1 percent would make its way to a pro-capitalist community like ours. The fact that well educated people, who can afford to travel and contribute to our community, are now being chastised and ridiculed reads like a socialist agenda. I haven’t been to Cuba but given the way people are reacting on this issue it may just come to us. 

All humor aside, take a step back and consider how people are responding to this issue – no different than any other issue in Montrose; with extreme prejudice. 

What we know about politics at the federal level has trickled down to the local level … If we don’t agree with the process then the entire objective is out of question. I can’t remember the last time the objective, or goal, was focused upon and compromises took place along the way to help get us there. 

Fortunately for us, we as a community get to voice our desire whether to support such an initiative or oppose it at this time. It’s a blessing and a honor many in this world don’t have … a vote.

• • • 

Saw Monument Men this weekend which hosted an all-star cast including George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and others. The film portrays a group of men who take on the noble task of retrieving vast swaths of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. It is a good tale, based off a true story, and reminds all of us of the causes we take on, whether or not it’s in our best interest. It’s definitely worth a penthouse visit.

Here’s to a week of harmony … if that can exist in our community.

Francis Wick is the publisher of the Montrose Daily Press. He can be reached at 252-7099 or emailed at