One of the most common stories among newspapers after the New Year is a picture of a New Year’s baby, or born closest to the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, Jan. 1 didn’t prove to deliver but Jan. 2 did. Montrose Memorial Hospital welcomed Lilianna Marcia Glidewell,from our brethren up the hill, in Telluride.

And just like that I was notified ‘friend of the press’ Ken Sherbenou, executive director of the Montrose Recreation District, and wife, Megan, welcomed Benjamin Francis Sherbenou on Dec. 30. Benjamin apparently was born wearing a Colorado state beanie … as his parents are loyalists to the Colorado lifestyle. Congrats to the Sherbenous!

Staying on the topic of new babies, Janine Bush, advertising representative at the Press also welcomed a new addition to their family Evan Daniel Bush on Jan. 14, 2014. Bush is a wonderful member of the Press and we’re excited for their growing family. Congrats!

• • •

My wife and I flew out of Montrose regional airport on two different occasions recently and have to extend kudos to the employees of both TSA and regional airline representatives. On both occasions I found the airline representatives to be incredibly attentive and doing everything they could to make sure passengers felt comfortable in the new waiting area. One of our flights were delayed and since the new waiting areas have no snack bars the airline representatives brought food to tidy over passengers while we waited – a very nice convenience when traveling with twins. 

The same goes with the TSA crew, though commonly mocked for their standardization and rigidness we found our local crew to be very accommodating and treating passengers with tremendous respect – something I can’t say exists across all TSA checkpoints in this county.

Please continue doing a great job and showcasing our community in a positive light. 

• • •

Twin update – the twins are doing well and are enjoying a nice trip visiting the grandparents in Dallas, Texas. They’re talking up a storm now and we’ve entered the chapter of spelling out words to make sure the kids don’t catch on. Such as, “Honey do we need, i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m from the store?” Had I asked the question outright the kids would have latched onto it and ran around in the kitchen asking for ice cream. It’s pretty funny … but also pretty fun. 

Here’s to a wonderful week, Montrose.

Francis Wick is the publisher of the Montrose Daily Press. He can be reached at 252-7099 or emailed at