Managing editor, Justin Joiner’s column about the terrible twos hit close to home this past week as my wife and I were confined in our vehicle with the twins on a 12-hour trek across the desert. As most who have children know, being stuck in a car seat for hours on end doesn’t go over well. When the kids aren’t sleeping there appears to be relentless expectation for them to be entertained ... the whole time. This is where technology comes in to play. Now Mandy and I are not ones to advocate a television raising your children, but with limited options available we fully embraced the portable DVD player. The sad thing is we now can recite most of the script of “Frozen,” “The Croods” and “Brave.” 

We also now have a new appreciation for the little things in our kids’ lives. Even when you’re at your wits end, you take a break, go into a restaurant and it’s the smallest action that can bring you humor and fulfillment. While driving through Phoenix we stopped at a family favorite, Freddy’s steak-burger and frozen custard. Mind you, this was the first time the twins have experienced a fast food joint such as this. Sebastian has a new obsession with condiments. This can be any type of condiment from ketchup to ranch to barbecue sauce. But at Freddy’s he discovered the fry sauce. For those of you unfamiliar, it is typically a mixture of ketchup, mayonnaise and maybe a touch of barbecue or mustard etc. He proceeded to not only dip everything he could get his hands on into the fry sauce, but he also began to drink it as a soup. It was such a priceless moment seeing his whole face covered in fry sauce that we will cherish forever.

Whether it’s your own children or people in our community, having patience tends to offer hidden gems that one might not find otherwise. Whether by choice or not, there is no question that kids have taught us to be a little more patient and it’s been a blessing.

Here’s to a wonderful week, Montrose.

Francis Wick is the publisher of the Montrose Daily Press. He can be reached at 252-7099 or emailed at

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