“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” 

 — Kyle Chandler

Nearly a year ago I was standing on the beach, cold sand between my toes, overlooking a very turbulent Atlantic Ocean. There in the depths of thought I returned to my goals as it relates to the Montrose Daily Press. What did I envision as being successful as the publisher of the paper; clearly, there were the financial metrics but what stood out beyond that?

It was clear that to determine growth and success in my own measures it would mean that I had assisted those qualified to become better and move up in their own careers. This wasn’t the most challenging of goals as I had  assumed two very talented individuals — Matt Lindberg was a young sports editor, who became our news editor eventually moving to the post of managing editor in Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 

The other, was Tisha McCombs, the current general manager of the Montrose Press. 

Originally from the South, McCombs hails from the peachy state  of Georgia. She’s an avid fan of the bulldogs, who consistently disappoint, and boiled peanuts. Her’s is a life of hard work, the type that most reference when giving an inspirational speech or quoting an underdog story. You wouldn’t know this however because what she has in life is what she’s earned. 

McCombs has been a wonderful ambassador of the Press and assisted me over these past three years. She’s a straight shooter, relentless on issues that need addressing and earns the respect of those around her; gray isn’t a color she’s well suited with whereas I am. She first began at the Press many years ago in classifieds, she made her rounds working in Eloy, Nev. and Hilton Head, S.C. She eventually returned working her way running the business office, circulation department and being named general manager nearly one year ago. 

About a couple months ago Tisha McCombs was actively recruited by a large media corporation located in the south and midwest. The CEO of Civitas media struck up a conversation at a recent newspaper conference and noted the drive and talent young McCombs offered. Wisely, this CEO thought about a way to attract her into his company. Not long after the discussions a very meaningful opportunity was presented to have McCombs become the director of revenue over six newspapers in South Carolina, just a stone’s throw away from the majority of her family in northern Georgia. This chance was a no brainer for McCombs as it will expedite her growth and career goals faster than what the parent company of the Montrose Press could have offered. 

It will be difficult to lose someone of McCombs’ talents but it’s worth it when you lose someone for the right reasons. 

Tisha, thank you for your dedicated work at the Press and to those you’ve worked with. Yours is a story that many should hear as it portrays the foundation of someone who makes the most of their life no matter what circumstance is given to them.

As for the Press, we’ll continue moving our franchise forward holding governmental entities accountable and providing well rounded marketing solutions to our business partners in town. There are other talented individuals who work at the Press who have incredible upside to our paper and parent company. 

Here’s to carrying on a legacy she’ll leave behind and hopefully some of the gumption for Montrose to assume as well.

Have a great week, Montrose.

Francis Wick is the publisher of the Montrose Daily Press. He can be reached at 252-7099 or emailed at