Over the past week, the Montrose Daily Press has been running a house ad seeking community input through focus groups here at the Press. We’re preparing for a redesign and the input of those who engage the paper, and our community, is needed to enhance the look, feel and experience of our product.

Not all who submit interest will be asked to participate as we’ll try to get a broad test group, but this shouldn’t preclude you from submitting some thoughts on what we should and shouldn’t consider during this process. I’ve received a number emails thus far from community members who enjoy the paper, are unable to attend the focus groups but still wish to express their opinions. As you may guess each reader prioritizes and finds value in different aspects of the paper so it’s never an easy task to determine what should stay, what we should modify or what we should eliminate all together.

If you’d like to participate in our focus groups, please go to www.montrosepress.com/questionnaire to sign up. Or if you’d like to send myself, our editor (editor@montrosepress.com) or general manager (tisham@montrosepress.com) an email letting us know what you like, what can be improved upon, what doesn’t have much value and can be omitted, and items you’ve seen in other newspapers throughout the country that you enjoy.

Let me be the first to say the paper will change, but to what degree will not be determined until we get some good strong feedback from members like you.

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I was with my father on Thursday for his 79th birthday. He looks great and is still pursing life with such passion. You might think that a person of his age would be concerned with the time he/she has left, but in his case it appears the glass is half full and he’s enjoying every moment he has to the fullest. As a son, I admire the life he’s led and the life that is still yet to come.

Francis Wick is the publisher of the Montrose Daily Press. He can be reached at 252-7099 or emailed at francisw@montrosepress.com.


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