Let’s first start off by introducing our managing editor, Justin Joiner’s, new column titled ‘Editor’s Note’ – located on the right hand side of this page. It’s been nearly six months now that Joiner has been leading our newsroom and about the right amount of time to start a column of his own. Editor’s Note will rotate with this column beginning next week. Of the writings I’ve experienced from Joiner, you’ll surely enjoy his personal touch and upbeat attitude. He and wife Aspen are wonderful people to be around – they’re good for The Press and good for Montrose. Shoot him an email welcoming him and his personal touch to our community.

Our ol’ friend Jim Austin and Tricia Dickenson did some public service this past week while taking some of our reporters on a tour of Montrose. Austin suggested a drive around town to give a deeper understanding of different areas of our community and what’s here. Lucky for our team, they were also accompanied by two beautiful Melissas; one, the spouse of City of Montrose attorney Stephen Alcorn and the other the wife of Montrose Memorial Hospital CEO Steve Hannah.

The tour became as much of a team building exercise thanks to Austin’s record setting pace from the Gunnison on the east portal to the Mill. A quick note of thanks goes to Ross Turner and his gang for donating the vehicle for the day and obviously Austin and Dickenson. They make a damn good team in wanting Montrose to be as good as it can be.

Monday’s public meeting, held by our county commissioners, to address the upcoming approval of a second Fixed Based Operator was theatrical. Many in attendance were denouncing the pursuit of the county’s desire to engage a second FBO, while others were expressing their frustration on how this process has been handled, and a few were there in support of free market principals. In any case, two things really got me laughing through the whole charade.

First was Mr. Richard Cantalupo's, manager of Majestic Jets, address to the community as to why their organization is excited to partner with Montrose Regional Airport as a second FBO. In Cantalupo’s opening remarks he reflected back on an airport where he once worked in Chicago and how it opened its doors to private market competition. The fact private market competition was introduced was worthy but the element which really echoed was the idea of Chicago, politics and business. The veil of suspicion that exists around Montrose County at the moment, would lead many to believe there’s a lot in common with Chicago, its politics and business…Thanks, Boys.

Secondly was Commissioner Ron Henderson’s wonderful witch hunt where he effectively tried to tie The Montrose Press, and current Fixed Based Operator Jet Center Partners, into question as colluding against the county. Henderson showed a plastic bag with The Press’ logo on one side and Black Canyon Jet Center’s on the other. As was quoted in the paper on Tuesday, those bags were bought over five years ago to help promote Montrose to visitors who used the FBO. Clearly, promoting Montrose in a positive manner is not something Henderson is aware of. It was a good try on his part to stray away from the considerable issues at hand — but really carries no weight (in fact they’re very light bags). I could only imagine in Henderson’s world I’m probably going to get a new kitchen, too!

Now’s the time to sit back, enjoy the ones you love and appreciate Easter.

Francis Wick is the publisher of the Montrose Daily Press. He can be reached at 252-7099 or emailed at francisw@montrosepress.com.

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