Hatred for immigrants

If America has one consistent theme over the last 200 years, it is the hatred that white conservatives have had for anyone arriving after the Mayflower.

Conservatives hated the Irish immigrants, they hated the Italians, and they really despised the Polish and Russian Jews.

So it’s no surprise that conservatives and Fox News are denouncing the latest wave of new arrivals: the brown-skinned people from Central America.

However, doesn’t this hatred of desperate migrants fleeing poverty and violence in Mexico and Central America reveal the ugly truth that Christian doctrines are a bit too difficult for conservatives to practice? I don’t remember Jesus saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself (unless they have brown skin) (or unless they crossed the border illegally) (or unless they’re from Guatemala).”

There are more than 100,000 evangelical congregations in America. These churches own hundreds of billions of dollars of buildings with hundreds of millions of square feet of floor space that are empty more than 90% of the time.

If each congregation gave shelter and support to two or three migrant children or families, it would go far to solve this humanitarian crisis – and help to refute the charge that Christianity is just a bunch of empty words.

Actually, I was wrong.

There was one group of new arrivals to America that white conservatives didn’t despise: the Black people marched off the slave ships to work the plantations.

Alan Read


It’s not rocket science

It’s not rocket science folks. One of the significant aspects of Trump’s tax plan was lowering the corporate tax rates (one of the highest in the world). The economy roared once those tax cuts went into effect, and blue-collar America benefited tremendously.

Enter Biden with his massive $2.3 trillion “infrastructure plan” which is in fact a giant tax hike disguised as a jobs program, “the largest federal tax increase since 1942” is how liberal New York Times describes it. Even worse, Biden pretends the taxes will only hit big corporations and provide jobs for struggling workers.

Don’t believe a word of it. Corporations don’t suffer from increased corporate taxes. Workers do.

Corporations deal with increased taxes by either increasing costs to customers, or reducing employee salaries or numbers, or some combination of those steps. Economics isn’t that tough. When you take a greater share of money from the private sector, they have less to spend throughout the economy, and the economy slows.

Most of the spending would not go to “infrastructure,” but rather to pet Democrat projects, payoffs to left-wing groups, and bailing out states and cities mismanaged by Democrats.

Dems know saddling the U.S. with giant taxes and enormous deficits for 15 years or longer will destroy our economy, but they consider that mere collateral damage to achieve their goal of absolute power (one-party rule). Negative consequences to the American people are not a consideration.

At the end of the day, leftists are not interested in the American economy or the American people.

Higher taxes, unsustainable debt, open borders and the resulting chaos; corrupt and chaotic elections, destruction of our energy sector and energy independence; destroying Trump’s progress in achieving peace in the Middle East; freeing Iran to once again bring terror to its neighbors; treating Biden family business partner China with kid gloves; making women second-class citizens with Democrat’s so-called “Equality Act,” and continuing to sow racial hatred and division are not sane actions if you care for America or its people.

Only Marxists intent on destroying America would intentionally be this ruinous.

Welcome to the alternate reality of the “Build Back Better” Biden Boondoggle. Because they consider blue-collar Americans as less intelligent and know the media will lie for them, leftists think Americans will meekly accept being disenfranchised and living under tyranny — a catastrophic Democrat miscalculation.

Ed Henrie