Lauren Boebert is a leader

I’m voting for Lauren Boebert to represent me in Congress, the first woman to be elected in CD3. Firsts should set the standard and I believe Lauren Boebert will be an exemplary standardbearer for all who believe in this country.

She is a hard worker who exudes boundless energy and enthusiasm, while being compassionate and empathetic towards her future constituents. She has a good business sense and understands that overregulation and taxation puts a damper on a vibrant and growing economy.

Lauren is well known for her Second Amendment advocacy, but she also is a leader in the fight against the national popular vote and a staunch defender of the Constitution.

She won’t be intimidated by her opponent’s negative attacks, just as she won’t sit in the back as the left attacks our country.

I’m voting for Lauren, because the alternative will be the next brick in the road to socialism.

Anne Godfrey


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