Pandemic response elsewhere shows Montrose lags

I’m currently in Costa Rica and prior to coming, I wondered how that country might deal with the pandemic compared to the U.S., and particularly Montrose.

Yesterday we drove to Liberia, a city similar in population to Grand Junction, to buy items not available in the rural area where we stay.

We shopped at Walmart and a store somewhat similar to Home Depot. At Walmart a lady out front required everyone entering the store to stop and use hand sanitizer.

Once inside, everyone had their temperature checked.

At “Home Depot” all were required to wash their hands in sinks outside the store. At both stores, which were busy, I saw absolutely no one without a mask.

In addition, no one complained and everyone seemed happy to comply with the guidelines.

I must be honest. It made me ashamed and disappointed at the total disregard many in Montrose have displayed for the well being of others. It isn’t difficult to show respect and compassion for others.

David Ryan

Tronadora, Costa Rica

Native American mascots bill goes too far

While I strongly support Native American rights, I believe that the proposed bill to outlaw any use of them as “mascots” goes a little too far.

Names like “Redskins” and “Savages” should go. However, names like Indians, Warriors, Chiefs, Braves, etc. are acceptable if used with respect.

But please, throw out the tomahawk chop and don’t paint your faces up, war whoops, etc.

Each case should be made separately.

I knew the principal at Arapaho High School in Denver. What they did years back was meet with the elders of the Arapaho tribe. They worked together on a logo, and now ever three or four years, the elders come back and give their blessings to the school.

They even invited the principal to their ceremonies. I think it would be a shame for them to have to change their mascot that they took great pride in.

I haven’ been to any of the games here in Montrose, and think the logo is perfectly acceptable, but wouldn’t it be neat for Montrose to do the same with the Utes?

If I were a student, I would love to meet with tribal leaders and learn their ways and incorporate their ideas.

Doesn’t “Montrose Utes” sound better with the history around here?

Jerry E. Minerick

Daylight Saving Time just doesn’t work anymore

As a local rancher, I feel the need to express my opinion on the subject. I really wish we could stay on standard time all year round.

In the spring, it is just starting to get light enough to see to feed and check the new calves in the morning without a head lamp.

When the time changes, it’s back to stumbling around in the dark trying to not run over the calves as I feed. The cows don’t like getting fed at a different time.

During the summers, I would like it to start cooling off earlier in the evening. Since I feel the need to work until it gets dark, it would be nice to get to the house before it’s so late.

Daylight saving time doesn’t give us any more hours of daylight. It does make my work day longer.

John Faulk

Do away with time changes

I read that there’s a bipartisan effort to make this the last time we spring forward. I hope that’s true, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

It causes so much confusion, feeling like you’ve taken a trip and have jet lag for several days.

What’s the point? I don’t really care whether we use the daylight time or the regular time, just stop moving it. We will all adjust!

I’m ready to move on and see at least one bipartisan effort go through Congress, can they do it? We’ll see!

Diane Bass