Going unpunished

Somehow, any assertion of election fraud is being viewed by Biden’s new government as sedition that must be punished. Here’s the question: If Biden’s election was not fraudulent, why are Democrats acting so guilty? Rationally, if there was no fraud, wouldn’t the winner welcome a thorough audit to prove he actually won? Especially when half of the country considers him illegitimate — the “asterisk” president? “Shut up or we will destroy you” is not a very reassuring response.

Likewise, if Democrats really believe Biden got more votes than any candidate in history, why are they trying to prevent Trump from running again in four years? Wouldn’t they want to beat him again? The answer is they know the election was corrupted, and they may not be able to repeat enough of the fraud in four years to “win” again. That’s why they have to quash any honest discussion of election fraud.

We are belatedly getting honest reporting on New York governor Cuomo’s nursing home scandal. More than 13,000 nursing home residents died after Cuomo unscientifically forced nursing home residents to take sick COVID patients. Cuomo then covered up the scope of the nursing home deaths, withholding data because he feared a Justice Department investigation. In post-legal America, he will not be prosecuted — he is a Democrat. Also, did anyone notice that Biden put Hunter Biden’s lawyer’s partner in charge of DOJ prosecution decisions? Yep, the partner is now in charge of the criminal division that is supposed to be prosecuting Hunter. More of the same, folks. For the last 12 years, we have been assaulted by blatant criminal behavior and real sedition by Democrats — all of which has gone unpunished.

Biden appears to be attempting to quickly inflict as much harm as possible. Eliminating jobs, appeasing China who he is beholden to, reattaching us to an America Last “climate accord,” destroying women’s sports, committing the U.S. to again use tax dollars for abortions in foreign lands, and on and on. In addition to destroying our economy by eliminating our energy independence, he will soon allow our borders to explode so they can import more government-dependent Dem voters, which will totally destabilize our nation. All that on top of 12 years of painting America as a wasteland of racism and oppression. One has to wonder if Democrats are not intentionally creating conditions for a civil war?

Chanda Ouimet


Let’s look towards the future

Transportation is one of the top sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our state, and Colorado has an ongoing history of hazardous air pollution. Colorado has spent 95% of state transportation dollars on road construction, yet, the traffic, congestion and pollution only worsen, and minority communities consistently bear the brunt of the impact.

In this legislative session, Colorado can address air pollution, combat the climate crisis, and bring reliable, safe, efficient and clean transportation to Colorado communities. We need a bill that looks to invest in non-polluting — not single-occupancy, combustion engine-fueled — transportation.

Let’s look towards the future, Colorado. As a state that will profoundly suffer the effects of climate change, we must play our part in reducing emissions. What better place to start than with our transportation sector — bringing Coloradans the accessible transportation they need while in tandem keeping our bluebird skies free of pollution?

Soleil Gaylord


The non-COVID COVID bill

If the proposed $2 trillion COVID relief bill was really meant to help American citizens, each man, woman and child would get $6,000. Quick and easy, right? Add income restrictions, and maybe less-wealthy citizens could get $10,000 or more.

Instead, this proposal would give $1,400 to each American adult making less than $75,000/year (phased out as income rises), some dependents, and some ‘undocumented immigrants.’ Where is the rest going?

Three-hundred and fifty billion (1/6 of the total) will go to state and local governments, most in debt even before locking down businesses. (New York will get $50 billion.) In other words, red state residents will pay for the fiscal irresponsibility of the blue states.

There will be money (again) for schools to open ($130 billion) — if the teacher’s union decides to allow that, and money for small business loans, unemployment funds, vaccine distribution, and subsidies for health insurance.

But there’ll also be $600 million for additional emergency paid family leave for only federal employees and U.S. Postal Service workers; money for union pensions, National Endowment for the Arts, and National Endowment for the Humanities; subsidies and loan forgiveness to farmers and ranchers on the basis of race and ethnicity; $50 million for environmental justice grant programs; $1 billion to convince people to take the vaccine, and $100 million for Big Tech’s Silicon Valley subway boondoggle. Planned Parenthood (received $614 million from taxpayers in 2019) will be eligible for funds.

Hmmm… it sounds like most of the ‘COVID relief’ is in the bill’s title.

Virginia Selby


Democrats don’t care about our citizens

It’s all about the narrative folks. The “narrative” is a set of assumptions accepted as fact by the public. It’s a story that may or may not be true. A current narrative is that the recent capital protests were “an armed insurrection,” “a deadly riot that killed five people,” etc. The only common thing about these media-fed narratives is that not one of them is true. Not. One. While not defending the idiots who stormed the Capitol, one has to ask why the left was so anxious to lie about this one-day event, after spending last year excusing the organized violence, destruction and deaths committed by left-wing mobs across the country. The answer is their goal is to portray conservatives as violent extremists, and to justify more extreme attacks on anyone in disagreement with them.

Bottle swamp water and sell it as perfume. For example, misname a proposal the “Equality Act” and say it is a civil rights update to protect the LGBT, when the truth is it would be a giant step backward for all women and make them second-class citizens. Women’s sports will be dominated by men. Women’s athletic scholarships will be stolen by men identifying as women. Shelters for battered women? Gotta let him in if he identifies as a woman. Getting sentenced for rape? Gotta send him to a women’s prison if he identifies as a woman.

Half of America believes Leftists stole the election? Try to pass a law titled “For The People Act” to “protect the right to vote of every eligible citizen,” when in actuality it will take away from Republican state legislatures the right to make their own election rules and count their own ballots. Those are the states who had no allegations of fraud and were able to count the votes in one day instead of six weeks, with no “found” ballots as occurred in Democrat-run cities.

Democrats are not trying to govern, because they know they can control the narrative with the press, academia, big Tech and Hollywood solidly in favor of their socialist one-party rule. They have no interest in making life better for all Americans. Gone are our energy independence and sane energy policies that made us prosperous and self-sufficient. Gone are sane immigration policies preventing an explosion at our borders. It’s a clear message: Democrats simply don’t care about our citizens, their jobs or their security.

Ed Henrie