Political division

As our nation has become increasingly politically divided, and as the founders of our nation imagined a Congress designated for a negotiating process, I would like to propose both a symbolic and helpful step to move things forward. I think that a seated Congress should be arranged either randomly or by some system, not by party; maybe by state or alphabetically.

Let’s not allow a division by party with a two-sides-of-the-aisle division, as this only emphasizes division rather than negotiation or compromise. As you know, we must at this point do everything we can to disrupt our national political divide. Let’s strive to decrease our polarization as much as possible.

Thanks for everything you do in this regard.

Wayne Quade


Why isn’t the mask mandate enforced?

Once again our governor has put into place a mandate statewide that all persons while in a public indoor space must wear face masks. In my opinion, it is a worthwhile thing to do, especially in light of the fact that my spouse and I are in our 70s and my spouse has lung issues.

However, over the last month, many of the stores and shops we have entered with masks on, we find numerous people walking about with no masks. When asking the employees why they do not enforce the mask mandate, they usually say that the managers tell them not to do it.

Others tell us that they just do not have the personnel to enforce it.

So, why have a rule that is unenforceable? I believe that for the protection of all, we need to get a handle on enforcement or just forget the mandate totally.

Larry J. Kontz


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