Reich column an example of the problem with our county

America is on the brink of civil war and not because of President Trump. The Democratic party has fought him on every issue from the day he took office. Obama is still trying to lead from behind. He needs to set down and shut up. He had eight years to fix this mess and still wants to be in charge.

Everything our president has done has been for the good of the country, not for any political or financial gain for him. These Democratic states and cities have put themselves in the bind they are in, not the president and then they turn around and want us to bail them out?

Trump shut down China travel in a week from our first confirmed COVID-19 case, did all he could for New York City. Sent respirators, hospital ships, built temporary hospitals, sent masks. What more should he have done?

However, when I got to the end of this article and read the author was a professor at University of California at Berkeley, that explained a lot.

This is the problem with our county today. These teachers and professors start teaching their political beliefs from kindergarten on up through college.

To quote George Orwell: “We get the government we choose. The leaders we elect and the corruption we tolerate. People that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.

God bless our president and God bless America.

Steve Thomas


Beware voting ‘YES’ on Proposition 113

It is disheartening to read what Jan Edwards, president of the Montrose County League of Women Voters, wrote regarding Proposition 113. She is president of an organization whose purpose is to help voters make informed choices — but instead her organization disseminates incorrect information.

Proposition 113 was put on the ballot to give the voters of Colorado the ability to overturn Gov. Jared Polis’ and the State Assembly’s decision to have Colorado join the National Popular Vote Interstate compact, which defeats the purpose of the Electoral College.

The Electoral College was created for many reasons, not the least of which to ensure that everyone’s vote counts in the presidential election. If Proposition 113 passes, it means that Colorado’s nine electoral votes go to the winner of the popular vote no matter what. What does that mean? It means that if the people of Colorado vote for candidate A, but candidate B wins the popular vote by campaigning primarily in high population areas (like NYC, LA and Chicago) then it doesn’t matter what you or I think or how we vote. If candidate B wins in those regions and thereby wins the national popular vote, then Colorado has to give its electoral votes to that candidate!

The framers of the Constitution knew this could happen so they designed the Electoral College to ensure that the candidate was someone who could win nationally — not just regionally. The Electoral College is a system used to ensure that each state has a say in who is elected — each candidate needs to campaign and win over as many votes as possible in as many states as possible to ensure a victory on election day — and therefore each voter has a say in who is elected.

Vote “NO” on Proposition 113.

Sean Salaz


Science and politics

Barry Commoner, a biologist who wrote “Science and Survival” in the 1960s, proposed that scientists “… have the duty to inform, and to inform in keeping with the traditional principles of science, taking into account all relevant data and interpretations;” “… have no right to withhold information from our fellow citizens, or to color its meaning with our own social judgments;” “Public morality will determine whether scientific inquiry remains free.” (pp. 129-30, Viking, 1967 edition). He was referring to the lack of transparency regarding the risks of nuclear radiation, but this applies equally today in regard to the censorship of the known risks of many current medical practices, especially by electronic media gatekeepers, but also by traditional news outlets.

Regardless of where one stands politically, when political parties issue full-page glossy ads spouting their version of “science” to discredit opponents, science has been perverted to an unconscionable degree. At one point, we had the “Fairness Principle” which required the press to represent two or more sides of any controversy. We would certainly be better informed if we had that today!

Susan Terry


The Republican party silent regarding Trump’s inaction

I am a former Republican who switched to unaffiliated in 2018. After watching two years of the Trump administration I was embarrassed to be associated with a party whose members stay silent and abandon principles to support a personality that cares only about himself and his brand. It is extremely disappointing to see the party of Lincoln turn into a party that worships a morally bankrupt person.

I am a Christian that cannot support Trump because his actions are in contrast to the words of Jesus Christ in Mark 12:30: “Love the Lord your God…, and Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” I cannot rationalize or excuse Trump’s behavior simply because I agree with any policy.

I am an American who believes that in writing the Constitution our Founding Fathers formed a brilliant three-branch system of Republican government. That system has produced a durable democracy where the peaceful transition of power is taken for granted. Trump is the first president to threaten that tradition by claiming that if he loses, the election must be rigged. Contrary to his assertions, American elections, mail in ballots or otherwise, are the most secure in the world.

The framers warned us about this moment. In Federalist No. 1, Alexander Hamilton wrote “...of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants.”

Another framer, Eldridge Gerry, stated “demagogues are the great pests of our government, pretended patriots, unprincipled politicians who steer the people toward baneful measures.” As understood by the framers, a demagogue is a politician that obtains power through appeals to prejudice, distrust and fear. Does this sound familiar?

The Republican party has stayed disturbingly silent while Trump disparages anyone who doesn’t praise him, including decorated veterans. They have stayed silent while Trump ignores scientists and experts in his administration on issues where you should seek expert advice. They have been silent while he courted assistance from foreign governments to win elections. Last, they have been silent while he sows doubts about our institutions so his supporters will not accept the results of what will be a fair election if he loses.

If you care deeply about keeping our republic, please mark your ballot for Biden and other candidates who will listen to expert advice and not stay silent.

Jason Ullmann


No beauty contest

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert has refused to appear in a debate with Diane Mitsch Bush unless she is provided with questions ahead of time. Do we want a Congressperson who cannot think on her feet, or has no knowledge of issues?

Diane Mitsch Bush has served three times as state representative and twice as Routt county commissioner. She is an experienced legislator, well educated on issues that affect rural Colorado.

This is not a beauty contest. If you want thoughtful, balanced and reasonable representation from your Congresswoman, join me and vote for Diane!

Marv Ballantyne


What is wrong with citizens?

What is wrong with U.S. citizens? Are they all under 30, if not physically than certainly mentally? If you are going to vote for the Communistic/Democrat Party at least have a clue where you’ll be in four years after living under that kind of regime.

The first thing they’ll take away is freedom of religion. Yeah, well, they’ve already started that, haven’t they? This was Obama’s communistic dream come true. Closing churches, but allowing marijuana, liquor, and cigarette stores to remain open. In Colorado, even bars have to close at 10 p.m. Of course, Colorado’s governor (Jared Polis) convinced you it’s because a person can contract the Coronavirus more easily from 10 p.m. — 2 a.m. than any other time of the night. And you believed him!

He treats us like a dummy because we act like a dummy. The governor of Colorado knows that a bar takes in more money from 10 p.m. — 2 a.m. than any other time of the day. That’s what gives

President Trump more tax money to operate the country. The Democrats won’t have that!

I love Trump and I’m glad he got the COVID-19 and showed everyone how to live through it. Joe Biden would still be locked down in his basement, knees quivering, hands shaking with fright, calling out to Obama: “HELP ME! It’s Trump’s fault!” Of course it is! Isn’t everything?

Democrats/Communists hate Christians, and anyone else that they can’t control. Just remember, God gave us the choice to live by love or hate? It’s up to us to make this world work.

For all the Democrat tree huggers in California: You’re not responsible environmentalists: You let 4 million acres burn down to the ground. You allow raging multiple fires year after year refusing to thin the forests. We all suffer! Choking is not a price I’m willing to pay so California can have its own way.

Betsy Tutchton


The rich get richer

Trump inherited a strong economy, then destroyed it. Gains made during his term were dwarfed by pandemic losses, far more than nations that responded quickly to COVID-19. Over 30 million American jobs were lost, and our GDP dropped 32.9%.

Trump’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” disproportionately benefited the wealthy, a spending spree that increased the CBO-projected 2020 federal budget deficit by 27.8% (

Working Americans withheld taxes throughout 2017 based on 2017 tax rules, then in 2018 under the new rules received diminished average tax refunds (

Under $50,000 (60% of incomes): 4.5% fewer refunds, worth 2.7% less.

$50,000 — $100,000: 2.5% more refunds, but worth 1.8% less.

But over $200,000: 45% more refunds, worth 203.4% more.

Over $1 million: 216% more refunds, average worth 394.3% more.

Notice a trend?

Trump and friends are funneling our hard-earned paychecks to their people. The rich get richer … but we can vote them out.

Karen Pontius


Do you want a militia sympathizer representing you in Congress?

Wake up Pueblo and western Colorado, we have an avowed militia sympathizer wanting to represent us in Congress! Her name is Lauren Boebert. In June, she posed with the far right “III%” militia and tweeted…”I am the militia.”

Boebert is running on a “freedom” and “law and order” platform. Her “freedoms” include shunning face masks, letting her pit bull harass neighbors, interfering with police detaining teenagers for underage drinking and business liens for not paying Colorado unemployment taxes. According to Garfield County records, she’s also had numerous arrests, citations and warrants for not appearing in court, dangerous driving, and serving tainted food without a permit. She apparently complies only with laws and orders she likes.

Boebert also has zero understanding for how government works. In a Channel 9 News interview, she attacked our nice and dignified congressman, Scott Tipton, for not “repealing Obamacare,” not “firing Nancy Pelosi,” and for serving on congressional committees with Democrats. Even Civics 101 students know that Democrats and Republicans always serve together on congressional committees. Anyone seeking election to Congress also ought to know that Democrats currently control the House of Representatives. Tipton is just one of 435 House members, and is in the minority party. Tipton cannot possibly “fire Nancy Pelosi,” “end Obamacare” or balance the budget by himself. Boebert’s ignorance on this is stunning.

Boebert’s allies are running TV commercials attacking her opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush, of Steamboat Springs, for being a “professor” and “ski town liberal.” Mitsch Bush served as a Routt County commissioner and in the Colorado legislature. Heaven forbid we should have a representative who is educated, thinks before she opens her mouth, and comes from a Western Slope ski town — an industry that contributes $5 billion annually to Colorado’s economy.

The bottom line on Lauren Boebert is that she is uninformed and embarrassing. Her only apparent desire is to become a “celebrity” by getting elected to Congress. Once there, she will spew her dangerous ideology and contribute nothing to constructive lawmaking or problem solving. That is why Republicans like Russell George of Rifle, the former Speaker of the Colorado House, have endorsed Mitch Bush. We need moderates in Congress — not shouting, gun toting militia sympathizers who add to the rancor and division. Please vote for Diane Mitsch Bush.

Andy Wiessner


Boebert threatens our public lands and our Western Slope way of life

I was stunned and dismayed to read that congressional candidate Lauren Boebert opposes long-sought protections for our hunting, grazing and recreational areas on the Western Slope. In fact, Boebert recently called the CORE Act a “ land grab by Denver’s Liberals.”

Does Boebert even know what she is talking about? Does she understand that the CORE Act was written by local stakeholders and enjoys broad bipartisan support throughout the 3rd Congressional District? I’m guessing the answer to both of those questions is “no.”

I am a hunter and outdoor recreationalist who cherishes the outdoors that makes our state and region so special. And I am proud to live on the Western Slope, in the Roaring Fork Valley, where local communities have worked together for more than a decade to form a diverse coalition of ranchers, hunters, mountain bikers and other concerned local citizens to protect the Thompson Divide — a crucial nearby public lands watershed and recreation area that would be protected by the CORE Act.

One of the coalition members was a hunting guide and war veteran who “never voted for Democrats.” A few years back, he wrote an op-ed which slammed Scott Tipton for ignoring local interests and “claiming to represent Western Slope ranchers and sportsmen — (while) peddling the interests of Texas oil speculators on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.” It sure appears that our district would go from bad to worse if Boebert somehow gets to D.C.

Boebert may have a loud voice, but she doesn’t represent our values. Her lack of understanding of basic policy issues presents a real threat to our public lands. By opposing locally-driven efforts to protect our hunting, grazing and recreational areas, she also threatens our outdoor and agricultural heritage, along with our Western Slope way of life.

Please vote for Diane.

Dave Munk


We need elected officials who will take action against global warming

Too many mornings lately our mountains are shrouded in smoke. Our ordinarily pristine air is rated as hazardous. Floods and hurricanes pummel one coast; wildfires rage up and down the other. These extreme weather events are nature’s alarm bells. Global warming is a scientific fact that needs to be addressed before it is too late.

A healthy, livable planet is not a partisan issue; it is a human one. We need elected officials who will take action against this urgent threat, rather than those who deny the threat exists. Here in Colorado, Diane Mitsch Bush is running for House Seat CD3; John Hickenlooper is running for the Senate. Google them to learn where they stand on the environment, versus where their opponents stand. Then vote for them. The future of Colorado and our planet depends on it.

Julie Comins Pickrell


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