I urge Lauren Boebert to join a community forum

A chance remains to hear Lauren Boebert and Diane Mitsch Bush debate — if Ms. Boebert will accept the invitation.

On Aug. 18, the League of Women Voters (LWV) of La Plata County invited both candidates to a community forum. Both accepted for Oct. 8th. Boebert’s campaign offered to send their communication director.

But the nonpartisan LWV format can’t accept substitutes. Voters submit questions in advance or pose them live; each candidate has a minute to respond, and each makes an opening and closing statement.

The Boebert campaign countered that Ms. Boebert had already participated in a June primary forum. Yet, that was a Republican primary; the candidates are now running to represent all 3rd CD voters, in Congress.

Voters can watch this on Zoom, stream it live on Facebook or view a recording available to all voters before they cast ballots.

I urge Ms. Boebert to courageously join this forum.

Sandra Dorr

Grand Junction

The virus doesn’t care

The virus doesn’t care about your politics. Neither does the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Both can, and will, continue to grow no matter how you cast your ballot.

Should you believe that almost 200,000 COVID-19 deaths in this country would have happened under anybody but President Trump’s watch, there’s very little reason for you to continue reading this letter.

But if you believe in science, and scientists, please stay with me. The president was told in January how lethal the coronavirus is. Did he share that knowledge with people who have trained for years, if not decades. on how to stop a viral pathogen? Did he urge people to mask up, keep their distance, and listen to those with medical knowledge? No, he assured the country that the virus was just visiting, that’s it.

Barbara Kelly


We have everything to lose if we don’t elect Mitsch Bush

The differences between Diane Mitsch Bush and Lauren Boebert could not be greater or the stakes higher. Boebert is in way over her head while Mitsch Bush’s experience, education and thoughtfulness show she has the leadership, ideas, and open mind to represent the people of CD-3.

Lauren has a GED, which she just got four months ago. Diane has a PhD. I like my representatives smart and Mitsch Bush is smart, educated and humble. She has taught college, while Lauren has never attended one.

Lauren was a high school drop out because she had a child. While I’m not condemning that, her limited education does not qualify her for Washington. She touts working at McDonalds as a good paying job. Did she live on that salary without Medicaid?

Boebert seems embarrassed that she stood in line for government cheese. Would she rather have gone hungry? Would her shame from those days motivate her to cut off a safety net for others?

Diane’s civic experience and knowledge is head and shoulders above her opponent. She was a county commissioner and an award winning state representative. I doubt Boebert ever attended a county commissioner meeting. Her civic experience seems to come from being arrested and bankruptcy. She didn’t even show up in criminal court after her charges of breaking the law several times.

Her slogan is “Freedom.” Freedom from what? Freedom to break the law like she has done personally and professionally and encouraged others to do? Freedom to wear a gun and threaten us? I don’t find her hip-slinging, flaunting pistol a protection but a threat meant to intimidate. That display is not the power I want in Washington.

The fact that she wouldn’t show at Club 20’s event without hearing the questions in advance and has hesitated to debate Mitsch Bush at other events shows me she can’t think on her feet or have the knowledge and ideas at her fingertips like Diane. I’ve seen Diane numerous times and her sociology and statistics doctorate means she has the facts and figures at her recall immediately. She does her homework. She has read federal bills thoroughly and knows their names, numbers and effects. I can well imagine that sort of reading is not in Boebert’s target. Has she ever read one? Much less tried to analyze it?

Janice Joplin sang “freedom is just another word when there’s nothing left to lose.” We have everything to lose if we don’t elect Mitsch Bush to be our CD 3 representative. Vote!

Regina Sowell


Diane Mitsch Bush has the background and experience

Regarding the possible debate for the Congressional District 3 candidates, I agree that a debate would be awesome. But we already can research the candidates’ profiles, history and qualifications. In looking at the background and the candidates, Diane Mitsch Bush stands out in all areas, especially practical experience in listening to constituents’ needs and addressing those needs in legislation. This involves more than yelling at opponents and declaring “no compromise.” What is needed in CD3 is a representative that can work with congress on both sides to address the needs of our area. Mitsch Bush has proven that she can pass legislation for her constituents. This is what a congressional representative needs to do, represent us in congress.

I plan to vote for Mitsch Bush as she is clearly a person that accomplishes her goals through hard work and cooperation with her peers. Her goals are clearly set out on her website. As voters, we are responsible to check the background and experience of the candidates. Mitsch Bush knows what is needed for CD3 and has the background and experience to represent all of CD3.

William Patterson



As crazy as this may sound, you can be ardently “pro-choice” and not be pro-abortion. You can be outraged to see toddlers ripped from their parents and put into cages, and not condone open borders. You can enthusiastically participate in protests and demonstrations yet condemn violence and vandalism. You can strongly advocate for criminal justice reform to provide better equality under the law for the poor and minorities, and still promote your local police force. You can be a tree-hugging conservationist, yet champion business development. And, you can demand common sense gun laws but also respect the Second Amendment.

We’re experiencing an epidemic of myopic, partisan ignorance and we, as a civilization and a country, are suffering because of this skewed polarization. We need to escape our narrow tribal corners and embrace the yin-yang continuum of our opinions and beliefs.

Stephanie Gibert


Trump is corrupt

I live in the United States of America and I never imagined that my vote could be taken away, ”thrown out” as Donald Trump said on Sept. 23.

Edmund Burke wrote “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.”

Trump is corrupt and the good Republican men and women of the United States Senate are doing nothing.

Jo Clugg


Trump is demonstrating he is disrespectful, incompetent and reckless

Our reliable German allies have answered the call in Afghanistan to help defend their NATO ally, the United States. Germans most importantly have sent their citizens to be killed and wounded on behalf of the United States. You can’t put a dollar value on this contribution, unquestionably the ultimate sacrifice. How dare President Donald Trump insult our German allies, telling them their contribution is “unfair” to the United States. Trump berates our good German allies as acting very unfairly, solely because they are not funding their military at the target of 2% of GDP, a funding goal set to be achieved in 2024.

Trump’s irrational and impulsive decision to pull our troops out of Germany, does not have the backing of our military professionals. The extraordinary cost of disrupting, dismantling and reconstructing vital, long established major military infrastructure critical to American interest in the currently volatile middle east and elsewhere, is completely unjustified. Just the cost of this move is more than Germany’s financial obligation, definitively proving that Trump is not actually interested in wise spending.

The true measure of Germany’s NATO contribution is demonstrated by the sacrifice of their soldiers and their families. This is not a nickel and dime issue and it is not the place for political grandstanding. The United States has never won a foreign conflict without allies.

Our own brave soldiers are living in badly substandard housing, but money appropriated by Congress to provide adequate housing has been selfishly diverted away by Trump to build his ineffective border wall, a blatantly political venture. Trump raises no objection to Putin’s bounty on American soldiers. Trump even calls our own American troops “suckers and losers” for participating in this protracted war. Trump is once again demonstrating, as Commander in Chief, he is disrespectful, woefully incompetent and dangerously reckless.

Clay Goldberg


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