Concerns over HUB remain

We attended all six hours of the Zoom meeting Jan. 6. These are our thoughts “the morning after.”

Planning Commissioner Anthony Russo appeared to be an apologist for the developer, Matt Miles. Whenever an objection or quibble about the HUB project surfaced, it seemed like Mr. Russo always came back with a response to take the wind out of that particular sail, as if it did not matter. Hence, the “done deal” feel of the meeting.

We heard about the open space along the northeast edge of the development to be used for apartment dwellers’ recreation. The sketch shows most of that open space is a pond. Unless the residents can walk on water, the remaining space offers limited use for large-scale outdoor activities such as kickball, basketball, softball, etc. Where are the 8- 18-year-old children of the renters expected to go? Typically, the playground cited by Mr. Miles would have equipment designed for 2-6-year-olds.

The feathering cited along the development’s west side (along 64.50 Road) sure looks like an internal parking strip for the senior housing placed there. What kind of buffer is that?

Attendees spoke loudly and clearly about the traffic issues the HUB will generate. These are not just Cobble Creek residents. It would appear the city and the county have not worked out what Chipeta Road improvements are needed to address safety concerns and mitigate the HUB’s traffic impact. The two intersections at Chipeta and 64.50, and Chipeta and US 550, are significant hazards. It’s going to take considerable engineering study and funding to ensure the public safety of the drivers, bikers and walkers along this shoulder-less rutted road. Isn’t this one of the roles of government, to ensure public safety?

Whether it’s one building or a complex of buildings on the 30-plus acres, people are crammed into this space like sardines. This is not compatible housing adjacent to the nearby single-family homes. Refer to the Comprehensive Plan whose intent was to address such disparate developments next to each other. Why even have such a plan when you are willing to toss it by the wayside for a developer’s dream and bottom line? We really appreciate Mr. Easton, Ms. Benziger, and Ms. Chastain for speaking up, toward the end of the meeting, to voice their misgivings about the nature of this project to be located in this semi-rural area.

We have been married 52 years, and it was always our dream to live on a golf course. It took us 46 years of working, putting four children through college, paying for three weddings, and enjoying only modest vacations, that we finally fulfilled that dream by purchasing our home on the 8th fairway in Cobble Creek. Now, the entire character of our community and our property value is threatened by the HUB’s increased traffic and density.

In case you are thinking we folks here don’t care about the future of where we live and our surroundings, we do care. And we are relying on you to address our concerns.

Thank you for all the work you do. The Zoom presentation took a lot of preparation and coordination. Your efforts are appreciated.

Pat and Connie Pitz


Tell Boebert to support impeachment

I am Jennie Sanchez, a United States citizen, registered voter in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. I write to urge voters to contact U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.

• Ask her to vote to impeach Donald Trump;

• Condemn her seditious encouragement of rioters who stormed the Capitol.

My people have a saying that applies to Rep. Boebert: “Tanto que peca el que mata la vaca como el que detiene la pata.” (The person who holds the legs of the cow is as guilty as the person who kills the cow). I hold her responsible for the insurrection at the Capitol last Wednesday.

I heard Rep. Boebert proclaim on the floor of Congress that she supported the people from Colorado who were rallying for the march. These folks were part the group that threatened lives and destroyed property at the Capitol. Even after the riot, Representative Boebert continued to support the Trump lie that the election was rigged. She voted to reject the state certified votes of electoral college members from Arizona and Pennsylvania.

I have worked for voting rights since the 1960s. In 1993, I was lead plaintiff in a voting rights lawsuit that won for Latinos in Colorado the ability to elect a state representative of their choice. We deserve a Congressional representative who has integrity and who will live up to her oath to support the constitution and the laws of the United States.

Please take action. Call Rep. Boebert at 202 225-4761.

Jennie M. Sanchez


The problem is voter suppression

States do an extremely careful job of avoiding fraud in elections.

Chris Krebs, the former Elections Security Chief, a Republican, declared, in essence, this was the most secure election ever. Folks, election fraud is not the problem! The problem is voter suppression! Six years ago the Supreme Court, in a 5 to 4 decision, gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This allowed 25 conservative states to enact new unnecessary voting restrictions making it harder for citizens, especially people of color, to register to vote and cast their ballot.

As a result conservative state and local governments have passed legislation to restrict ballot access by piling on voter ID requirements, cutting voter hours, applying registration restrictions and unfair roll purges and reducing easily accessible ballot boxes in minority and rural neighborhoods.

President Trump in perpetuating the lie of election fraud and inciting a mob to march on the capitol is a disgrace to his country along with all those in the Congress that echoed the fraud lie.

The president and these congressional enablers were willing to throw out votes of the people of Arizona and Pennsylvania. Incredibly, if successful, some of these same congressman would be forfeiting their successful election! President Trump and all those in Congress who objected to votes of the citizens of Arizona and Pennsylvania are not patriots! Finally, another lie being declared by members of Congress that members of Antifa (no real organization) were responsible for the attack on the Capitol is absolutely a lie. Anyone who is associated with Antifa is no friend of the president. This was entirely right wing anarchists.

Tom Heffernan


Liberals lack credibility

I chuckle when a liberal is challenged to defend their position on an issue, and three sentences in they have already lost all credibility. A recent example is a well-written conservative letter pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals now talking about unity after four years of hatred from the left. A liberal responded, not by challenging the fact that they spent four years in divisiveness, but by trying to justify their hate, basically reinforcing the points made by the conservative writer.

Occasionally I have a letter challenged by a liberal. If that challenge provides information refuting my opinion, I give credibility to that challenge. Doesn’t happen. Rather than try to discuss a specific issue, they make broad statements like “None of what he expressed in his letter is factual.” OK, if that is so, give us information or a source that actually refutes a specific opinion. For example, if I say “Democratic Representative Stalwell was (literally) in bed with a communist Chinese spy,” give us sources actually refuting that opinion. If I say “Joe Biden bragged about forcing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating corruption in a company (Burisma) paying son Hunter $50M+ per month to do nothing,” provide specific information showing that to be untruthful.

With truth and facts working against them, another tactic liberals use to avoid discussing issues is deflection — change the subject and attack the conservative. For example, try to deflect attention from liberal hypocrisy by calling Christian Trump supporters hypocrites. (So, after four years of liberals spewing hate in a very un-Christ-like manner, it is somehow the Christian conservative who is the hypocrite?) Nothing I say will change some liberals thinking, but if they expect their letters to have any credibility, they will have to actually discuss issues and tone down the venom.

For the record, I use about a dozen news sources daily (which don’t include Qanon or The Daily Wire). My favorite is American Thinker. Real Clear Politics is also good, pulling articles from both conservative and liberal sources. And yes, Rush Limbaugh is my hero, but I don’t use him as a source. I don’t read the New York Times, which even the liberal New York magazine calls the “paper of the resistance.” Like CNN, MSNBC, and others, they long ago abandoned any pretense of being real journalists.

Ed Henrie


What it means to ‘make America great again’

America is back! It is time to “Make America Great Again.” Now that our Disrupter-in-Chief is on the way out the door, we can re-engage with the world again, demonstrating leadership, re-engaging alliances, addressing world-wide problems, and regaining world-wide respect among nations.

For too long we have lost respect around the world for our disruptive foreign policy, breaking alliances, and showing the world a xenophobic immigration policy. We now have the opportunity to show world leadership by re-engaging a climate policy, promoting human rights, promoting alliances, and fostering goodwill.

This is what it really means to “make America great again.”

Wayne Quade


Why not impeach Biden?

Has anyone in a federal governing position considered taking the action of impeachment against president-elect Joe Biden? I bring this forward in light of what has occurred continuously, in numerous cities throughout our country, for the past eight or nine months, and still continues. Most of these cities, if not all, are controlled by Democrats and in states with Democratic governors.

Treasonous demonstrators and rioters have been very active in violent crimes which include: murder; burning of buildings and vehicles; destruction of memorial statues; smashing windows, doors, fencing; physical assault of law enforcement officers; illegal occupation of public and private property. These actions were committed by those who are active in the racist, treasonous, and terrorist movements such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

President-elect Biden, and his Democratic political cohorts, have made no comment against the terrorist activity, so it is probable that he had no problem with the terrorism and even approved of their actions. In fact, I also recall that many of the liberal news outlets and politicians have either ignored the violence or denied that it has occurred! Could Joe’s apparent approval be considered grounds for impeachment? Oh, probably not. Now our country is faced with virtual total political control for the next few years by these Democrats.

John Ross


Business as usual is unacceptable

To the members of City Council, city manager and Montrose government officials: The town of Montrose is morphing into a major concern. The populace (now) is coming from far and wide; Montrose has been discovered. The populace that is streaming into this area are well informed, articulate and have money. They are accustomed to access to information, when requested, they are expectant of intelligent, thoughtful responses and a two-way communication avenue.

The method of operation of Montrose’s city government is now front and center (in the past it was a few citizens who voiced their point of view and attempted to establish a two-way conversation, to no avail. That has and will continue to change … the first Zoom meeting on the Cobble Creek HUB was your first warning. The capacity was inadequate and was a failure. The massive amount of feedback you received, both by email and Zoom attendance should forewarn you that it cannot be business as usual … brushing off concerns and not listening/acting on concerns brought forward.

The routine dismissal and disregard will only infuriate the new comers and will result in more of the populace entertaining the idea of recall. I am a third-generation Coloradan and as such, I see the handwriting on the wall. This little town is no longer little. The mindset of “we” are the deciders worked in the past. That stance will be challenged. As Alice Walker famously quoted, The way people give away their power is by thinking they have none. There are more individuals who are aware of their power and will not settle for business as usual.

Lynn Stockton


Something to think about

Can the president pardon all those who stormed the Capitol and killed? The answer is yes. Such is presidential pardon power.

If he did so, he definitely needs to pardon himself and family. He may also want to pardon Rudy, his lawyer, and others who helped him rile up the mob.

He could also have someone print a list of all federal prisoners’ names. Then all he needs do is read that pardon list aloud before he leaves office. He could call it prison reform.

Is that legal? Yes. But, of course, he’s not that angry or demented. Or, is he? Just something to think about.

Larry Heath


Congresswoman should resign

Lauren Boebert needs to resign. She swore an oath “I, Lauren Boebert, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

She lied to God and the people ... by furthering Trump’s lies about the election … by tweeting “1776” she was part of the sedition movement. She needs to resign.

Patricia L. Hardie


Less parroting, more journalism, please

The opinion of Dennis Anderson is exactly that — his opinion. He does not include the results of any investigative journalism; all he is doing in parroting the narrative of the biased mainstream media.

There is video and first-hand accounts to refute his statements about what transpired at the Capitol and in the elections. Yes, we all saw the video of people wearing MAGA hats and waving Trump flags enter the Capitol rotunda, but who was at the forefront urging people to take that action? Why were requests from the Capitol Police to deploy the National Guard not immediately answered? That is still being investigated and judgement should be withheld until the investigation is complete.

Mr. Anderson uses the term “unfounded” when referring to voter fraud. There are poll workers who witnessed voter fraud in the November election, but the courts don’t want to hear from these witnesses to this fraud. Why? That and the voter fraud itself needs to be investigated.

There was a time in 1972 when a president broke the law. The national media parroted each other and said it wasn’t so, the result being that the president wasn’t investigated and got away with it. If you were alive then or if you read about it you know that the truth is that the president was forced to resign because of certain impeachment; the evidence that brought him down came to light because of investigative journalists Woodward and Bernstein. That is the point I am making — instead of parroting there should be journalism. I realize the Montrose Daily Press is a small newspaper that doesn’t have the resources to do that but it’s unfortunate that the publisher states his opinion without acknowledging there has been no investigation to prove anything one way or the other.

Sean Salaz


Trump to be thanked for COVID vaccine

Saturday’s (Jan. 9) two articles about the COVID-19 vaccine were very informative and encouraging. We should be thankful that the vaccine was developed and distributed so quickly. Normally, this takes years. Our medical and pharmaceutical communities are very innovative, but they usually operate at a snail’s pace for two reasons. First, tremendous financing is required for research and development before any money is available from sales to cover those costs. Second, bureaucratic government mandates “tons” of regulations and cumbersome procedures, taking years, before such a vaccine is approved. This time, the one and only reason that both those barriers were overcome was the aggressive and creative leadership of President Trump and his administration. Predictably, both articles ignored that fact.

In contrast, the “creative” limit of Biden’s flaccid leadership has been mask wearing and destructive lockdowns. Otherwise, all he could do was spitefully denigrate President Trump at every turn for his handling of the crisis. Early on, Biden and Harris deliberately sowed seeds of doubt about any potential vaccine produced by Trump’s initiative, and then scoffed at the possibility of it being available before the end of the year. Yet, they were hypocritically among the first in line to protect themselves with the vaccine and then insinuate credit to themselves.

Now, like their past four years of lies, hate-filled Democrats and RINO Republicans are blaming President Trump for Wednesday’s invasion of the Capitol building. I examined every word of his Wednesday speech transcript and there was nothing that could be remotely construed as inciting a riot. I challenge any Democrat to likewise examine that speech and specifically prove otherwise. The accusation is as false as their Russian hoax.

The Montrose Press should thank President Trump for the vaccine, but no one should hold their breath for ingrates to do the right thing.

Michael Martin


Drought, climate change, and our representative in DC

Southwest Colorado is in a drought of exceptional level according to a map released Jan. 7 by the US Drought Monitor, the most severe level of drought intensity categories.

Drought affects Colorado’s agriculture: crop yields are stunted, large-scale hay shortages occur, ranchers sell off livestock before maturity, irrigation reservoir and agriculture pond levels decrease or dry up completely.

Drought affects our tourism, with less snow pack and shorter snow seasons in winter and low flows in rivers and lakes affecting recreation in summer.

By far our greatest threat from drought is wildfires, affecting our natural resources and our economy.

Rough estimates of fire suppression costs in Colorado just in 2020 add up to over $200 million.

Climate change increases the odds of drought worsening now, and in the decades ahead. Especially at risk in the US Southwest. Warmer temperatures increase evaporation from soil. Very dry soils and diminished plant cover can further suppress rainfall in an already dry area.

Decreasing our carbon emission pollution levels requires effective National legislation. I encourage our Rep. Lauren Boebert to use her voice and vote to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our future droughts levels and economy depend on it.

Susan Atkinson


To the planning commission

Why is the planning commission saying nothing can be done about the ill-conceived HUB development at Chipeta and 6450? You are totally responsible for the zoning that gave Matt Miles the opportunity to build apartment buildings in the Spruce Point and Cobble Creek subdivisions neighborhood.

We did get the impression that the planning commission has at least one cheerleader for this development, gung-ho with no understanding of the damages.

Retract the zoning immediately. You should have done that as soon as you saw what he was doing. Two years ago Matt Miles stood in front of the above named subdivision residents and promised that he would build only single family homes. He then turned around with this monstrosity. The lack of respect for the residents of the above mentioned subdivision is appalling.

The traffic plan saying that the intersection at Chipeta and 550 is adequate, as is the terrible intersection at 6450 and Chipeta, is another untruth. What planning commission members and city council members have driven through 6450 and Chipeta at 550 from 5 — 6 p.m.? People are going to be killed at both intersections when 1,000 more residents are squeezed into the proposed apartments.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has a death and accident rate on all state highway intersections. When enough drivers are killed, then they’ll put in a traffic light and lower the speed limit. How do you like that? By the way, there’s broken glass all over the intersection of Chipeta and 550 from the most recent accident. It’s a very dangerous intersection.

The long term costs of building this project here and now are staggering. And it’s not needed! The jobs are not here. It’s unconscionable on the parts of all parties involved. And developer, unless you can elevate yourself 1,000 feet off the ground and fly to Chipeta and 6450, there’s no way you can “see” this development from your house.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration,

Jeanette and John Ritchey


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