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People who don’t have a cat in the family are missing out on learning how to be simple and direct communicators. I am always amazed at how cha…

As a homeless dog I can think of nothing better than a day devoted to eating as much turkey, stuffing and pie as I can cram into my belly.

Prior to today, there have been 799 homeless pets writing this weekly Second Chance pet column. I have the honor of completing number 800.


Thanksgiving feasts will be a focus for many families in the coming days, but people should resist the urge to share the bounty with furry friends as some common foods can be harmful to pets.

Worried about introducing a new cat to your dogs? Most dogs do well sharing their homes with felines, however, some do not and it is important…

Part of Second Chance Humane Society’s community education programming focuses on promoting responsible pet parenting, a short phrase with big…