Sheriff’s office revisits missing man’s property

Montrose County Sheriff's Office Investigator Dustin Harlow and posse members look into an opening in a large mound of old pallets on the property of Stanley Gardner, an Olathe man who has been missing since last year. A cadaver dog "showed interest," but did not give an actual alert on the pile.

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office and posse members are searching a heavily cluttered and debris-strewn property off Falcon Road for any signs of its owner, Stanley Gardner, who was reported missing last year. 

A cadaver dog showed interest in the mound of old pallets, but did not signal her actual alert, so authorities need to check what is underneath the approximately 6-foot-high tower of boards. They plan to bring in heavy equipment to tear down the pallets. 

Gardner was 78 when he went missing Sept. 5, 2018. There has been no activity on his bank accounts and he has not been seen since, although neighbors have reported some signs of activity on the property and will be contacted for further interviews, Sheriff Gene Lillard said.

Today’s search is the second time Gardner’s 16-acre property, which straddles an arroyo and contains a pond, has been combed through.

Gardner is 5-feet-10, 165 pounds with brown and gray hair, and green eyes. Anyone with information about him is urged to call the MCSO at 970-249-9110.

See the full story in the Friday Montrose Daily Press.

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