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Rentals, help wanted, yard sales, vehicles, property, services, and other business related ads. Price is determined by how long the ads is, how many days we run the ad, and other options such as borders or bolding. You will be contacted via email & phone for confirmation & payment within 1 business day.

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You will be contacted with pricing and to get payment information via email or a phone call.

Deadlines -
All deadlines below include confirmation & prepayment before the time stated. Please note these times may change without notice. Holiday deadlines may differ. For questions call 970-252-7021.

Tuesday's paper — Monday 12:00pm
Wednesday's paper — Tuesday 12:00pm
Thursday's paper — Wednesday 12:00pm
Friday's paper — Thursday 12:00pm
Saturday's paper — Friday 12:00pm
Sunday's paper — Friday 12:00pm

We do not publish a paper on Monday's

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