Mianna Wick

Delta native Mianna Wick will drive in the Hawker IndyCar race in July. She is chasing her dream of driving IndyCars full-time.

For Delta’s Mianna Wick, speed has always been the key word in her pursuits. After several years of successful kart racing, the 19-year-old moved up to bigger faster machines. She has been driving IndyCars for about two-and-a-half years, and will take her talents to one of the nation’s largest races in July.

Racing for Loophole racing, Wick will take her IndyCar to Elkhart Lake, Wis., and the RoadAmerica track for the Weathertech International Challenge.

“I am driving a 1996 Loyola Indy car, and it is very fast,” she said. “Right now I am in the licensing phase to move on to the Verizon IndyCar series.”

The international challenge race will feature more than 400 cars over the four-day event. The races are July 14-17.

“Right now we are training with the team, getting everything right for these races,” she said. “My goal is to make the Verizon series, but now we are focused on RoadAmerica.”

Wick said her car can reach speeds up to 190 mph., which is something she enjoys. This will be her first time on the RoadAmerica track.

“It’s a new track to me so it will take some adjustments,” she said. “I am excited about this new venture and ready to tackle the challenge that will face me during those days.”

Wick’s goal of making the top IndyCar series has good leadership for the young driver. Her crew Chief, David Hoffpauir, and Co-owner/consultant Bud Hoffpauir both worked for Michael and Mario Andretti during the late ‘90s.

“They know the cars and the circuit and what it takes to make it,” she said. “I am blessed to be working with two people who have been in the sport for a long time.”

Wick also recently picked up a sponsorship with NAPA Auto Parts, something she said will help her on her path.

“My car will have a flashy NAPA paint job,” she said. “It really helps to have people like that in your corner.”

Wick and her team have been focusing all their recent efforts on the upcoming race. She said they haven’t looked beyond that yet as to what they will do next.

“Right now, we are just trying to be fast for this race,” she said. “Then after this race we will meet as a team and see where we go next. The ultimate goal is the Verizon series.”

Wick said her goal has been to make the top IndyCar series for a long time. She said she went to the Indy 500 this year and that just made her desire deeper to attain that goal.

“Being in the top tier of IndyCar is where my heart is, that’s my final aspiration,” she said. “ I got to go behind the scenes at Indy. It was amazing to feel how fast those cars are, it’s whole new level and an amazing event.”

Wick credits her sponsors and her faith for her success. She said her racing career allows her the avenue to share her faith.

“I couldn’t have done anything without a great group of sponsors. And my faith in Christ gives me strength,” she said. “I love having the ability to share the ultimate love of Christ with people.”

Wick shares her faith with people through her miannawickracing.com’s sister website, Living by Faith. The website’s name comes from her favorite verse in the Bible.

“A lot of people have come to know me through that website. Where I am at right now I am able to do charity work,’ she said. “The more public my career and the website become, the more I can do and help change people’s lives for Christ.”

In September, Wick will be part of a military event to honor troops. She said she looks forward to that event.

“I am excited to go to it and share my faith and honor the troops,” she said. “It’s one of the things I can do and I have fun doing it.”

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