Daisey Ibarra OHS volleyball

Olathe's Sadie Shea (7) and Daisey Ibarra (10) battle to keep the ball alive during action Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021 against North Park at OHS. (Joseph Harold/Special to the Montrose Daily Press) 

Montrose Daily Press contributor Cliff Dodge spoke with Travis Eason, head coach of Olathe Pirates volleyball, following the team’s first loss of the season.

Easton took the Pirates on the road to visit Vail Christian High School on Friday, Sept. 10. The Olathe Pirates went in undefeated with a record of 7-0. Vail Christian prevailed 3-2, ending the Pirates winning streak.

Q: Describe the opposition, Vail Christian.

Eason: We knew Vail Christian was going to be a tough school to go against and we prepared. The girls were working hard in practice and doing everything I asked them to do. We just made a few errors in some key situations and it got away from us a little bit. Overall we are definitely frustrated with the outcome, that’s for sure.

It’s a close match throughout. They win one, you win one. Did you change things up?

Eason: Yeah, we made an adjustment in the rotation and it worked for us, I knew it would. Our long term goal was to go to a 6-2 with the Liles sisters as setters just because it gives us a better look up front. We saw that worked well for us so we stuck with it.

So you drop the third and come back and win the fourth.

Eason: The team really had to dig deep, and honestly, I am really proud of them for being on the road as far as the environment itself, a hostile environment, not getting calls. They just battled. They stayed together. They didn’t care what really was happening around them and they just played within themselves. And for that I was extremely proud of this team.

The final game ended up 15-8. Your first loss of the season. However, the future looks bright.

Eason: Yes, we have three games this week. We have Roaring Fork (another road game) on Sept.14, Caprock at home on Friday and West Grand on Saturday. We’ve got two good games to bounce back. Saturday is another showdown and we are looking forward to facing all three of these teams and just getting back on track.

Any outstanding performers in this one?

Eason: Jenna Schenck. She did it all on the back row. She was getting balls….they had a 6-3 girl at middle who ran a lot of quick attacks and Jenna was just all over the place on the back row. She did a wonderful job for us back there.

Always tough to get on the bus after an effort like this.

Eason: It was just a very frustrating event at that place. My kids battled hard. They busted their butts, and it’s just a bummer when it goes that way.

A wise old coach once said it’s tough to win on the road.

Eason: We had our little team meeting (Monday), we had our recap and talk, and this is great that it’s happening still early in the season. We learned how to win matches, and we lost a tough match to Vail Christian and at an away setting. It is now up to us to regroup. These girls are a tight family, they have each other’s backs. They are working right now in practice and they are determined to bounce back this week and get us back on track. It’s a great program.

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