In the newspaper game, there are certain people in a given community that become invaluable resources.

Theses folk help reporters, like myself, know about interesting story ideas, or something that has flown under the radar. They probably won’t be quoted, or even identified in the paper, but without their help, the story wouldn’t have happened at all

Journalists can’t stress how important these people are because we can’t be everywhere, and sometimes readers or residents have to alert us to what’s going on.

During my two-plus years at the Montrose Daily Press, one such community member has been the Montrose Marlins’ Suzi King.

Without her, getting swim results, kids’ names in the paper, pool records and other story leads would, in some cases, be nearly impossible. In other words, she has made the last few Daily Press sports writers’ jobs quite a bit easier.

But, unfortunately, after being the statistician for around 10 years, King is stepping down from her post.

When I caught up with her at the Marlins summer meet last month, she told me she started out as a coach for the club before moving to stats. She had two sons, Connor and Ryan, who were both new to swimming and ended up competing at the high school level.

She saw them achieve success for Montrose High School, which helped them land on rosters for college swim teams.

Since they’re both off to greener pastures, it makes sense she’s passing the torch. Her youngest, Ryan, who’ll compete at Northwestern University next year, graduated back in May.

King told me she’ll try to see Ryan compete. Most likely it will be at a competition in Arizona next year.

The Marlins aren’t just losing an unselfish parent but a shining, beaming light.

King is probably one of the friendliest, most helpful individuals that I’ve worked with over the years. She’s equally humble, saying taking on her role was a no-brainer because it would get swimmers’ name on the sports page easier.

Leading up to the summer meet, Marlins coach Silas Almgren said without parent volunteers, such competitions would be impossible to happen. I think one of those crucial volunteers has been King.

Although she is stepping down, she’s already lined up her predecessor.

Pam Motley, who has a few kiddos that swim for the Marlins, will take over King’s position, and I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job as well.

But still, King and others like her are vital to the community and should be thanked.

Andrew Kiser is the Montrose Daily Press’ sports/business writer. Follow him on Twitter @andrew_kpress.

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