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I really enjoy Michael Cox’s witty, common-sense columns. Thank you, sir!

Regarding “climate crisis”: please show me a time when climate wasn’t changing. From Ice Ages to dinosaur age, climate changes naturally. “Climate change” proposals favor China and renewable energy company owners, penalize U.S. citizens, and won’t change climate.

Strange that 100,000 people now illegally cross our border monthly and we don’t need a border wall, but we need a concertina-wire fence around the U.S. Capitol after a few-hours incursion.

Enforce our immigration laws!

Our National Guardsmen in D.C. sleep on concrete garage floors, but Biden dedicated $86 million to put illegals in hotels. Angry yet?

Presidents have often abused executive orders power, but Biden has the record: over 60 executive actions in 60 days.

The president is empowered to carry out laws passed by Congress, not to create laws. Yet he has used this power illegally to destroy energy jobs, to raise energy prices (gasoline is up 50 cents since inauguration), to defer deportment of criminal illegals, and more.

Democrats have country-destroying bills in the pipeline.

HR1 would nationalize voting methods that promote fraud and HR8 would put even more restrictions on guns (never mind that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”).

In Colorado, Democrats’ SB21-062 would keep felons from being sent to jail, so they commit even more crimes.

Laws are being made to protect criminals while making victims defenseless. Where is the outrage?

We can only stop the insanity by joining together and becoming vocal. Contact your legislators often. Find them at and, and state legislators at (Internet search in other states.)

In America, we are the government. Let’s act like it!

Angie Many


Support for Cobble Creek apartments

I found City Manager Bill Bell’s Feb. 17 article informative and refreshing.

He made many key points opponents of the housing project adjacent to Cobble Creek choose to ignore. “If the zoning of a piece of property allows a certain type of … development to occur, then that property owner has the right to build within the ... regulations of that zone.”

He pointed out that it is a purchaser’s responsibility to study the potential uses of nearby properties, and that it is the city’s job to provide infrastructure in the community as growth continues.

He reiterated that the city makes housing availability a top priority. Bell also correctly pointed out there has been a lot of incorrect information put out by opponents of the project.

While I had some empathy for Cobble Creek residents and appreciated why they might not want an open field adjacent to them replaced by a large apartment complex, they lost my support when I saw some of them attacking our city employees and elected officials for doing their jobs and standing up for what’s right.

Shame on them for not so subtly insinuating that our officials are somehow catering to a contractor at the expense of city residents.

Ron Sobieck (March 13) is deeply disturbed with the above city manager’s article, claiming that it is an attempt to “sway public opinion on behalf of a developer.”

He further indicates the city manager has no right to write an article in the paper?

In fact the article simply provides information on the city’s position on the issue — nothing more.

I have yet to hear an argument from CC residents disputing any of the points made in the first paragraph.

“You can’t build an apartment next to our beautiful golf course;” “City officials are dopes;” “Not in my neighborhood;” and “providing infrastructure for growth next to us is corrupt” — are not logical arguments.

Sorry. Thank goodness our city officials have the integrity to stand up for our fellow citizens that are in drastic need of housing, most of whom probably aren’t going to express their needs or opinions in a letter to the editor.

If CC wants to maintain their semi-rural setting, they should look at other adjacent properties for potential purchase, which is their right, but others also have a right to purchase that property–even for a pig farm if the zoning permits.

Ed Henrie


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